Alright, episode two, and well, it was alright. I am not completely hooked on the show, but I am also certainly will watch the next one. There hasn’t been anything that has pushed me away from watching it. This episode is much like the previous episode where there are three different stories. I won’t be surprised if this tends to be a trend, at least early on. Two at least relate closely to one another while the last one is somewhat tied, into her whole “I am going to find a mana crystal” this episode. So, let’s get right into it.


As previously stated, Jahy is on the mission to find a mana crystal.

While searching for a crystal she runs into an old servant of hers, Druj, who happens to be a loyal servant and a masochist.

A huge masochist.

 She is also a bit of a birdbrain and quick to jump to conclusions and it certainly helps seeing Jahy a bit.

Anyway, this part of the episode dealt with the two catching up.

The second story this episode had Jahy going to look for a crystal, only to again run into Druj as it was her apartment where the crystals were located.

There Jahy finds it nice and relaxing and well, she certainly was able to be spoiled in luxury as it turns out Druj is very wealthy.

Of course, because of this Jahy is rather jealous of Druj and her wealth and quickly deflects saying how Druj forgot her ways of the demon realm and enjoying human inventions is inexcusable.

While Druj is distraught, Jahy notices a pile of mana crystals, that she quickly tries to steal, only to set off an alarm and trap. Druj, seeing she was Jahy’s servant, sees it as Jahy testing her security system and thanks her, with plates and not food.

The final part of the episode deals with Jahy finally getting a crystal, after she gets lost in the woods.  Which certainly was the weakest part of the episode. It feels like the last part of the episode tends to be the weakest. She gets lost, only for the joke at the end is that she is just behind her apartment block.

Overall Thoughts:

I did enjoy this episode more. Again, the three different stories I always find an issue. Hopefully that changes at some point. There is no real guarantee that it will though. One thing that I do enjoy is that Jahy is so prideful, that she doesn’t realize the obvious. She still bosses Druj around, yet she never bossed her around to give up the crystals or even let her live with her. It would have solved a lot of her issues. But, then again maybe it was more than just her body that shrunk. But I am going to lead towards the fact she is too proud of herself and doesn’t want to seem weak in front of her subordinates.

Anyway, not much more to say about this episode. It became a bit clearer on how Jahy is as a character, certainly too full of pride to admit when she needs help, but also not afraid to be deceitful when need to be, like a proper villain. Of course, this is a comedy, so we probably won’t be seeing anything heavily plot related when it comes to that and instead with just jokes. Again like last time of the three stories this episode told one is certainly the weakest, I have to say the last one, it did not feel too tied with the first two, mostly since the title of the episode made it feel like it was about Druj, and well, she wasn’t there. So, there is that.

Overall Score: C+

As always feel free to talk about the series, just try to be mindful of spoilers for things that haven’t happened yet.