So, this page is dedicated to find all the posts in the 30 Day Manga Challenge. Now Unlike the 30 Day Anime Challenge this one is different, obviously it focuses on manga. At the same time this page will not have other types of challenges here. This is just to keep them organized and on separate pages, since it is 30 posts.

As of right now, prior to starting this challenge.  Some of the days might change for different questions that I view are either to redundant since some might be similar, or I thought of a better one.

30 Day Manga Challenge (Coming Someday)

  1. Your very first manga
  2. Your favorite manga
  3. Your favorite mangaka
  4. A character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
  5. A manga you would recommend to everyone
  6. Your favorite character
  7. A manga you stopped reading but wish you didn’t
  8. The most annoying character
  9. A manga you’d like to see adapted 
  10. A Manga you would like to see more anime of
  11. A manga that makes you fluffy and happy when you read it
  12. Your Manga Crush
  13. The most epic scene ever
  14. A manga you never really liked that everyone loves
  15. The saddest scene (Spoiler Warning)
  16. A manga you feel you should read but can’t
  17. A manga that you feel embarrassed about liking
  18. Favorite BL/yuri couple
  19. A manga that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on
  20. A manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much
  21. A manga that deserves more recognition
  22. A manga you would question what would happen if it didn’t exist
  23. Best manga villain
  24. Longest Running Manga you own
  25. The best manga oneshot
  26. The last manga you read
  27. A manga you would never buy
  28. A manga you think is so brilliant but the anime sucks
  29. A manga you read that was just plain weird
  30. Your favorite manga that you never want to end