Hello, I am Josef, well I normally go by Joe. I am a college student, majoring in Professional Writing. Before starting this blog I wrote a lot of stories and still do. I love writing and trying out different forms of it. I may not be published, although I am working on it, but that still does not change the fact that I write a lot during the week. If I am not writing I am mostly watching anime, I have also seen over 380 different anime series since getting into anime over three years ago. So I decided to start reviewing anime and talking about it in general. I might be used to writing fantasy, specifically the superhero genre, but this is more for fun as well as practice for writing in another medium.

More than anything I would like to enjoy doing this so you, the reader, can enjoy this too. There may be an occasional really anything from reviews, top five, discussions, and first impressions.  So, whatever the content might be, even if it leads to my own embarrassment, I hope you enjoy.

The List of a majority of Anime that I have seen is here or you could check out myanimelist where the shows I am watching and plan to watch can be seen.

At this point in time I would like to say I have been nominated for so many Liebster Awards as well as others several times. I appreciate that you would like to nominate me, but I have been nominated so many times now and will have to not accept the award nominations, at least for now as well as unless I did not do that one before then I will accept them. Maybe in a few months time I will accept them again for any of the others. Again, thank you for this understanding.  

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At one point I stopped keeping track of all blog awards, but all can be found under the awards tab.

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