Hello, and welcome to The Reviewer’s Corner, the sometimes-serious corner of the internet for anime and comic content. I am the sole writer/editor of this blog, Josef Davis, or Joe.

Since starting this blog in December of 2015 I try to strive to bring weekly content. While most of it is weekly reviews of ongoing anime. I do aim to bring other content, from comics, manga, and video games, although those are certainly much rarer, and I aim to change that.

But, when it comes to writing, I love feedback, and am always willing to go off suggestions from readers. If you have any suggestions for future post ideas, topics, or something you would like to see here, feel free to comment on any post or here.

Now, on the off-chance that there is an issue with my content, and I mean, major issues. If that is the case then contact the official blog’s email reviewerscorner904@gmail.com.

Collaborations, well, that is another story, and while I am somewhat open to them, it depends what they are, and again, feel free to contact me by email as well.

While I do tweet a lot from my main twitter account, I do have the more important blog related tweets on its own twitter, @reviewerscorner1.


About Myself in General:

For those of you interested, well, to put it simply, I graduated college with a degree in Professional Writing. While, I aim to publish my book and find an agent for it, I am also currently aiming to find a job in the writing field, be it editing or writing related. Blogging here although at first became a hobby, I still aim to do much more with it.

I am also a writer and the editor to the other writers over at Anime Corps.


Thank you for checking out this blog and I hope you enjoy the content here.