As of right now, things such as the 30 Day Anime Challenge will be here. Once December rolls around the 12 Day Anime Challenge will also be here. I am also thinking that maybe someday, be it soon or who knows what. That I will give myself a challenge, be it read X amount of manga, or watch X amount of anime before a certain time. This would then document it and my thoughts on that series. It is just an idea to eventually do. However some of the things here will be able to allow people to get to know me better, that is why it is in the About me Section.

30 Days of Anime (February 2015)

Day 1- Very First Anime

Day 2- Favorite anime you’ve watched so far

Day 3- Favorite Male Character Ever

Day 4- Favorite Female Character Ever

Day 5- Anime You’re Ashamed you Enjoyed

Day 6- Anime You Want to See But Haven’t Yet

Day 7- Your Anime Crush

Day 8- Favorite Anime Couple

Day 9- Best Anime Villain

Day 10- Favorite Fighter Anime

Day 11- Favorite Mech Anime

Day 12- Saddest Anime Scene

Day 13- Anime Character you are the most similar to

Day 14- Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you re-watched it

Day 15- Favorite Anime sidekick

Day 16- Anime with the Best Animation

Day 17- Favorite Harem/Reverse Harem

Day 18- What Crossover would you like to see

Day 19- Most Epic Scene Ever

Day 20- Anime Character that gets on your nerves

Day 21- Favorite Goofy Anime Character

Day 22- Favorite Weapon, Gear or Armor used in an Anime

Day 23- Favorite Attack someone used in an Anime

Day 24- Moment that shocked you the Most in any Anime

Day 25- Saddest Anime Death

Day 26- Best Anime Fight

Day  27- Recommend one anime that Most people have not seen

Day 28- Favorite quote from any anime character

Day 29- An anime you wished was real

Day 30- An anime you wish would never ended and continued on

Mini Challenge: Spring Break 2015

Part 1: The Challenge itself

Part 2: Midweek Update

Part 3: Final Update