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6 Years and still Kickin’

It is hard to think the last year went by so fast, with all things considered non-animewise, let’s see there was nearly World War 3, the world was on fire everywhere seemingly, COVID, the riots, the election, and well, a lot in general. But, bringing it back to the blog, it felt like not much happened. I got into Naruto and that well, certainly filled up most of the quarantine period by well, three months. Seriously I am amazed I watched the entire series in just three months, granted I skipped most of the filler arcs, but still, that is a lot.

Alright it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get off track, and honestly it is probably a record for it to be the first paragraph.

Seriously though, I do have to thank each and everyone of my readers that show up every now and again despite now uploading posts being rather inconsistent the last year or so. Still I really wish there was a way for me to show how much I am thankful for this place. So, thank you, everyone.

Anyway, with thanks out of the way, time to talk. I think this will be a ramble, I did enough of the anniversary posts being about how “Oh this year let’s see what happened.” When in reality not much happened here. I stopped Tower of God reviews halfway and did not review anything in winter or summer.

My original hope for the Six-year anniversary was to try to commission a mascot character for the site, supporting one of my artist friends in the process. But, due to various circumstances that is not happening. To me it wouldn’t feel right if I just got someone to do it, as, well, I want to at least know the person so I can support them. Instead of it being some random artist. Maybe next year I will change my mind on that and get the character to appear.

So, with that plan and my own stubborn-ness on that view I was thinking of doing a post where I look back, then I started writing this and realized I do that too much, seriously at least 4 of the last 5 anniversary posts have been looking back at the year, at least I want to make year six something different. Which I guess gets me to the theme of what I would like to do here in the next year. Try new things here:

So, what I would like to do in the next year is some manga or light novel reviews. For Christmas/Birthday I got myself a tablet, so, it certainly would be easily to read both manga and light novels for me. I was thinking of maybe starting to do a review of at least the first volume, or in the case of manga, if it is a short series, the series itself. Probably less likely, but I don’t know yet. I will most likely stick to the first volume. I could also do some comic reviews too, as I do have some graphic novel collections, much like manga thanks to Humble Bundles this past year. Seriously I got a lot. I also need to find a good place to get manga and light novel ebooks.

I know last year I did an episode 1 Review of The Mandalorian, which I only now just remembered that I did that. I know I never did a second episode nor did I plan on doing a second episode review, but I might go back and do a review of both the first and second season, I certainly want to branch out more and do reviews outside of anime. I might do WandaVision, as I am really looking forward to it. I am a huge Marvel fan outside of anime and I never really express it on here too often, I think the last comic related post I did was two or three years ago. So, I might do one on the first episode next month and then maybe we it ends. Not sure yet.

I would also like to do more video game related stuff. Probably reviews or a short post on my thoughts. I think if anything I might do my thoughts on Dark Souls, I played the third one almost three years ago, same for the second one, and I am finally playing the first now. So, maybe my thoughts on that series. Or, I don’t know, probably the game that is going to destroy my reason for blogging this month, CyberPunk 2077. I have been really hyped for the game since I saw gameplay of it two years ago. I rarely don’t look into any information for a game, as I want to go in at least knowing some details, and well, I am going in much more blind than normal for this one, so I certainly want to give my initial thoughts on it, probably this month too.

Really more than anything that I hope to accomplish in the next year is to try to do one of those goals, do something new, and try to continue doing it, rather than a one and done situation, which feels like it happens a lot. I mean, I don’t mind it, it is just my way to test the waters and try to find something new to do in order to continue doing what I love.

Still, this is a bit of a short anniversary post. Nothing to special, but, I hope you will all continue to support this site for the years to come, and here is to another year!

– Joe

December 2020 Update: Aka the Sixth Year Anniversary Hype Post

Wow, granted I forgot to do a lot of update posts this year at least I remembered to do this one. Still, six years being on this platform. I have had plenty of ups and downs over the last few years here. Considering this year has been chaos throughout the whole world, well, I kind of get why I have been thrown off in my posts lately.

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Higurashi When they Cry New Episode 5 Review: Identity Crisis

Alright, new arc which means new timeline, and everything was reset from the previous arc. Meaning that this will have a different ending than the last time. I can also say that this is a remake, with them clearly aiming for a different ending for the first series, as this adapts the second arc in the series that deals with Mion’s “twin sister.” Anyway, more on that in a bit, this one will have spoilers. So, just going to say it now, Shion is real and is Mion’s sister. But, well, for all I know this series is going to do something weird and change it so Mion just has multiple personalities. But I will talk more on that towards the end of the arc to avoid spoilers.

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Higurashi When They Cry New Episode 4 Review: The End….of Arc One

Alright the first arc is done I think I can say that this is a remake, with one, Rika knowing it is a remake and will have moments where she tries to change the outcome, and two, as this episode made apparent, slightly different outcomes to the original. Although maybe that was due to Rika’s tampering in trying to change the outcome. So, maybe something bigger might happen as the series progresses. Either way, let’s get right into it.

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Higurashi New Episode 3 Review: Fate and Curses

Well, this episode really set up what to expect in this series, and overall, what the main mystery is. How do I know this, well, I watched the original of course? I have had time to think about the previous episode, and this episode really showed no signs of if this is a sequel but more of a remake. Next episode will certainly feel like the nail in the coffin in what it might be. Either way, I am going to get right into the episode.

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Higurashi When they Cry New Episode 2 Review: Sequel? Reboot? Both?

So, um, yeah, this episode really is coming off as a sequel reboot. I say that because, it is falling the first arc of the series but at the same time it is bringing up an important plot point that would be known after this arc, that time travel is heavily involved. It also feels like they will be pulling off more twists, as, it feels like it is going down a whole new route. Still, it is too soon to say. Depending on what happens in the next few episodes I might start going back and bulk reviewing the first series. But, there are no promises. I am still going to do my best to avoid spoilers. But I will explain one plot point in this review. I will mark it as a spoiler though. So, with that in mind let’s get started.

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Higurashi When they Cry New Episode 1 Review: Return of the Nipah

Well, this is certainly something I did not expect this year, oddly fitting too since this series kind of deals with pandemic, also, I will find it really hard to not spoil this series for what happens in the future. Anyway, I am back, to review stuff again. This time I am reviewing the remake of one of my favorite series, Higurashi. I know a few years ago I was planning on reviewing the original, kind of glad I did not since now I can watch it and talk about it over time. I also have no idea how long this is, seeing that the original anime is 50 episodes long, so, I might be here for some time, which I am fine with. Enough about that, time to get into the show.

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Road to Hokage: Naruto Shippuden Thoughts

Last time I talked about my thoughts on Naruto’s first half of the series, now it is time to talk about the second and much longer half of the series. While I did enjoy it, I am really glad I did not watch this weekly since I got to skip out on a lot of filler that plagued the final battle, more on that in a bit. Like last time I will be talking about each arc one at a time, although with the Fourth Shinobi War I will be talking about it for various stages, so let’s get right into it.

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There are no shortcuts to be Hokage: Naruto Thoughts

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