Well, I got the idea from my friend Nick from Anime Corps. So, I am going to do this here to.


For anyone that wishes to spread the word of their blog, be it anime, manga, or comic related. Just comment. I do have a policy of hentai or porn related work is not allowed. So, it is simple as just posting a comment, and what your blog is about if you wish to add it. It does not have to be just a wordpress blog either.

If you wish to do the same on your blog feel free to add my page as well. However there are a few cases were I found myself on other people’s blogroll, so I added them here to, if you have done so, please tell me so I can add you.

Anime Corps The blog is centered around anime weekly episode reviews of ongoing anime. There are also Love Live posts for the game and birthdays, and several different writers that take part in this blog. I am also an editor over there as well as a writer.

Anime Vios  (On Haitus): An anime blog that sometimes focuses on manga and Japanese Music from time to time. She is awesome and focuses on a bunch of things from time to time be it what she is watching or reading.

  • It is unknown if she will return. As with most blogs life takes priority. It is unknown if she plans to return or not. But if she does this will stay here either way.

Viewers Discretion Is Advise (On Hiatus?) An anime blog that focuses on reviews and other topics. There are discussions and sometimes manga reviews and some non anime related content. At times there are challenges that he puts forth for some reviews.

  • possibly will return from time to time for posts. Haitus is unknown to be permanent. It is not unheard of if he will return or if he plans to, either way good luck on wherever the road takes you.

Morning Toast (CLOSED) An anime blog with reviews and stuff. Fairly new to blogging. Some reviews are Shojo related so, if you are looking for some series in that genre that would be a good place to start.

  • Unknown if they will return due to not watching anime and manga anymore. Site is now on private. This is here for if they ever return. If they do not return may wherever the road takes them they are doing well.

Lita Kino Anime Reviews Like all the ones before this one, an anime blog. She does do features for other blogs and a “Post of the week,” She also does reviews and discussions from time to time about different anime and manga. She also has a Youtube Channel where she does some things, more about that can be found on her blog though.

Unotaku: She does anime discussions, reviews, and manga talks as well as weekly reviews. She also does Collaborations, and was the first person to do a Colab with me.

Fuijinsei: Many different anime related posts, although some tend to be more aimed at things to become more anime like, which is always interesting. There are lists as well for some topics. Fun to talk to on twitter.

Kyri-Chan’s Place: (Closed) Just starting out with blogging, but is active on twitter and has plans to do anime and manga reviews as well as a few other things.

  • I assume closed. Personal matters, will be the reason I am going with. This will still be here if he ever returns to social media, the internet, or anything. He is on twitter now, but I am uncertain if he will return to blogging.

Yahari Bento!: A blog revolving around analysis of Oregairu. Still new to blogging, but plans for now just include Oregairu analysis.

Magnitude Anime Reviews: Weekly series reviews. All being Spoiler Free. Fairly new to blogging, but has other posts as well that come out on a weekly basis.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Mostly gaming blog, reviews focusing mostly on Otome games, but other games as well from time to time, such as BL ones. There are weekly moments discussing anything from anime to manga to TV shows.

Matt Doyle Media: The blog is a mix of things and was set up for me to post things about my various projects (novels, cosplay, etc.) but most of my postings relate to anime and comics it seems, mostly in the form of reviews and comparisons.

Two Happy Cats: Posts consists of random things, to opinions, sometimes these opinions are about anime. But there are plenty of other post that deal with films, or manga. Sometimes even miscellaneous thoughts.

Nichi Nichi-chan: Of course relating to anime, they come out with weekly posts, sometimes maybe on airing anime, other times just thoughts on a subject on certain anime as a whole.