This is an actual page this time to compensate the fact it wasn’t last time. But anyway, this is the home page of the Reviewer’s Corner. I am Joe, the main, and only writer here at the Reviewer’s Corner. This post will act as a means to navigate through the site.

Anyway what is here are reviews, which will soon be full focus on in depth and being serious. However weekly reviews will maintain their typical humor and opinionated self, with the best of my ability the final episode will be a little more serious as a series review will be at the end. While Top Fives and  The Favs will focus on certain categories and my favorite series respectively. More on the posts can be found down below.

The Ideal Schedule:

Monday: Top Fives/ The Favs (alternating weeks)

Fridays: Weekly Reviews

Sundays: Game Discussions (varies depending on game)

How to Navigate:

I aim to try to make viewing new post just as easy as old posts. Although sometimes it can be tricky. Each one above, for example clicking Reviews, that will go to the latest six reviews, however holding over it and options appear, each one will go to a documented list where the links, and names of each post can be found. The only acceptation to this is the About Me, which takes to several types of posts, and Reviews, which has the option to go to Weekly Reviews as well for recent posts.

What is Here:

Feedback of any kind is welcome, like if you want to see a certain type of Top Five, or something talked about in a Fav, or a discussion post. Or just anything about the site in general, it is always welcome. This can go on any post, but try to keep it relevant. 

Top Fives: These are a list series, each one has its own theme. As the name sounds it is just 5 picks of mine that fit that category. Suggestions are always welcome, and I give shout outs to people who give ideas, be it here or on social media.

The Favs: This focuses all on a single series, each post is different and focuses on a series that I label one of my favorites. It goes over what the series is about, as well as why I like and don’t like it.

Reviews and Weekly Reviews: Those are probably straight forward. Weekly are just a single anime series that I do. Reviews are anime, manga, and more recent video games.

I, The American Otaku: This can be found under About Me. It is just a person series of posts I do from time to time, sometimes talking about my thoughts on anime, sometimes just what is going on in my life. Writing helps, so bare with me.

Impressions: So far to date this has only been seasonal anime impressions, one pre-season, several main focus on a few shows, then a mid and final season impression. I would like to try something different at some point, I do not know though.

Discussions: Those should be straight forward, they do not happen often, but the video game discussions fall under there.

What I am Looking For:

Blogroll: A list of people who all have similar blogs, with their own things. I would like to add more. This is the only time where I will say comment on that page if you wish to be added.

Collaborations: Simple, yet complicated. I want to but busy schedules. If you are interested, we will probably have to talk on Twitter, but feel free to comment so we can thing of a means to talk and what we could do.


So, I believe that covers most things found here. I hope you enjoy your stay.