Well, in case you did not know, I am Joe. It is kind of obvious that this is a heavy Anime related blog. At the same time I have mentioned I have seen a lot of different series. Yet with this hobby of mine being a little bit of a secret from my family I have a lot on my mind. Although the post will not always be anime related, I will be talking and reflecting on moments in my life, be it silly, serious, or just about anything as I try to figure out where exactly my life takes me. So, in a way this is a little bit of an Autobiography and unlike my other posts here I am not really open to suggestions for this one, in some cases. I want to get it out at minimum of two times a month, sometimes it will be more and it depends what is on my mind. Some are also themed and will come out on a specific day no matter what.

Post 1: I Reflect on the Beginning

Post 2: I Don’t have many friends?

Post 3: I Go buy Manga

Post 4: I Think about my Story

Post 5: I Think about my Childhood friend

Post 6: I Do Not Know

Post 7: I Celebrate Six Months

Post 8: I Keep it a Secret (Sort of)

Post 9: I have a Weird Summer

Post 10: I Celebrate a Year

Post 11: I Think Ahead 6 Months

Post 12: I End One Chapter

Post 13: I Graduate

Post 14: I go to my first Con

Post ?: I Do have Friends