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Spring 2016-Winter 2018

Twin Star Exorcists

What is it about:

Rokuro and Benio are two children of prophesy. They are told that they are to marry and will eventually bare a child that will wipe out the demons known as Kagere, to save the world. While the two do not like one another at first, they slowly reach the common goal of wanting to get stronger together, and set out to the best exorcists.

  1. Episode 1: It Doesn’t Suck to go Original
  2. Episode 2: Become the Twin Stars
  3. Episode 3: That Childhood Friend Focused Episode
  4. Episode 4: The Call of a Hero
  5. Episode 5: Manga and Anime Comparison
  6. Episode 6: Girl Time (Wait this is getting 50 Episodes?)
  7. Episode 7: Yay Progression
  8. Episode 8: So Good to Be Canon
  9. Episode 9: Main Villain Revealed
  10. Episode 10: A Wild Sensei Appears
  11. Episode 11: Hide and Seek and Stuff
  12. Episode 12:  Thank You Canon
  13. Episode 13: Fight the Strongest Foe
  14. Episode 14: Is there a good thing about recap episodes?
  15. Episode 15: What is Love?
  16. Episode 16: Nothing Like Surprise Canon
  17. Episode 17: Where is the series going from here?
  18. Episode 18: The Struggles Before a Battle
  19. Episode 19: The Battle that Shapes the Future
  20. Episode 20: Path to the Future
  21. Episode 21: Rokuro becomes a Dad?
  22. Episode 22: The New Enemy Rises
  23. Episode 23: Road Trip
  24. Episode 24: Beauty 
  25. Episode 25: I don’t know anything about sports ball
  26. Episode 26: Twin Stars vs Spider-men
  27. Episode 27: Filler in Filler, with Seeds of Canon
  28. Episode 28: Weakest and Strongest
  29. Episode 29: The Final Stretch (For the Original Arc)
  30. Episode 30: To those we love
  31. Episode 31: To those Important to Us
  32. Episode 32: Another Recap sort of Episode
  33. Episode 33: The Past Resurfaces
  34. Episode 34: Go Watch Episode 13 for half of this episode
  35. Episode 35: Puppet Strings
  36. Episode 36: There are No Strings on Me
  37. Episode 37: Love and War
  38. Episode 38: The Time Limit
  39. Episode 39: Father and Daughter
  40. Episode 40: The Title Trolls You
  41. Episode 41: Enemies will Rise when One Falls
  42. Episode 42: Love Hurts
  43. Episode 43: Rokuro’s Origin
  44. Episode 44: Distance
  45. Episode 45: Lone Star
  46. Episode 46: Road to the Finally
  47. Episode 47: He was Evil All Along
  48. Episode 48: Hope
  49. Episode 49: The Power of Love
  50. Final Episode: May the Stars Shine Bright

The series was licensed by Crunchyroll and distributed through Funimation.


Winter 2018-Fall 2018

Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family

What is it about:

Some time after the events of Fate/Stay Night, the Holy Grail War has ended. The lives of the masters return to normal, yet the servants still remain. Thus, Emiya has a lot of cooking to do. No fighting or drama, just good food here.

  1. Episode 1: Fate/Stay Cooking
  2. Episode 2: Cu Cu Train Rises
  3. Episode 3: Please Protect Illya
  4. Episode 4: Not Enough Artoria
  5. Episode 5: Waiting for Heaven’s Feel
  6. Episode 6: Back to the Past 
  7. Episode 7: Summer Time Fun
  8. Episode 8: Sisterly Bonding
  9. Episode 9: Medea did nothing wrong

This series is licensed by Aniplex of America.


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