Here is where (almost) all weekly review posts that were written between 2017 and 2018. There are few exceptions, ones that were reviewed over on Anime Corps or series longer than the standard season.

Now, due to Ancient Magus’ Bride being two cour, and I would have put with the longer series, it was the only show I reviewed here during its run in the 2017 Fall and 2018 Winter season. Other shows may not have received this treatment. Nothing was Reviewed in the Summer 2018 season. A Certain Magical Index Season 3 was reviewed in Fall 2018, however it can be found in the Longer Series.

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Winter 2017

KonoSuba Season 2

What is it about:

Continuing from Season One, Kazuma is still in another world with a worthless goddess, a masochistic and useless knight, and a mage that can only use one spell. With the events of last season behind him, well, now he is in trouble for those actions. Not only that, but, he is now trying to change his situation.

  1. Episode 1-Kazuma goes to Prison
  2. Episode 2-Aqua Becomes Toad Food Again
  3. Episode 3:  The Gang goes into a Dungeon
  4. Episode 4: Darkness is Completely Hopeless
  5. Episode 5: The Gang Fight a Demon Lord General
  6. Episode 6: Kazuma Dies Again….For a Third Time
  7. Episode 7: The Gang goes on a Trip
  8. Episode 8: Aqua’s Cult returns
  9. Episode 9: Aqua is a Goddess (Except to her Followers)
  10. Final Episode: Time to Pray for Season 3

The OVA was not reviewed for Season Two.

Crunchyroll again licensed this series for streaming.


A series I reviewed over at Anime Corps, however, this one was unintentionally dropped after 8 episodes. Those episodes reviews may be found there.

Twin Star Exorcists

This series began in Spring 2016, and finished airing during the Winter 2017 season. Those reviews may be found over on the Long Series Episode Reviews page.

Spring 2017

Love Tyrant

This is the first, and currently only series I dropped here at The Reviewer’s Corner. This was mostly due to what the series was about, and how it was set up, which made it difficult. I also had no urge to continue the series after one episode.

  1. Episode 1:  Yanderes and Kiss Notes

Granblue Fantasy The Animation

This series was picked up for reviews to replace Love Tyrant. The first three episodes are in a single past, while the final/extra episode was covered alongside episode 12.

What is it about:

Gran goes on an adventure. He dreams of finding out what happened to his father who was known to explore the sky. That dream is within reach when he meets Lyria. Their fates soon are tied together, as Gran nearly dies, but Lyria revives him with some of her own soul. But, with Lyria being wanted by the Empire, they set off on a journey to find both where Lyria came from and Gran’s father.

  1. Episode 1-3: No Need for Waifu Rerolls
  2. Episode 4: No Need for Husbando Rerolls
  3. Episode 5: Riders of the Storm
  4. Episode 6: Oh Master My Master
  5. Episode 7: Uhg Cliffhanger Follow up Episodes
  6. Episode 8: Raiders of the Lost Ark
  7. Episode 9: Calm Before the Storm
  8. Episode 10: Separated but Not Separated
  9. Episode 11: Seriousness
  10. Final Episode: Pay to Win

The series is licensed by Aniplex of America.

Sakura Quest

A series I was able complete for review found at Anime Corps. This series is two cour as well. So, all episode reviews can be found on that website.


Summer 2017

The Reflection

What is it about:

A mysterious event happened, which gave members of the world extraordinary powers. Yet, they hide in secret, and a conspiracy begins to form when villainy is on the rise. Eleanor thus starts to search for the truth.

  1. Episode 1: Heroes Rise
  2. Episode 2: To Answer the Call
  3. Episode 3: Super Robot
  4. Episode 4: That will Teach Me
  5. Episode 5: Fear and Hate
  6. Episode 6: Don’t Mess with Texas
  7. Episode 7: Loss
  8. Episode 8: The Decision
  9. Episode 9: Chase
  10. Episode 10: Mind Games
  11. Episode 11: Hello Darkness My Old Friend
  12. Final Episode: Darkness and Light

This series was licensed by Funimation and Crunchyroll.


Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Black Clover and Darling in the Franxx

I dropped bother series on Anime Corps. Either I did not like them or they just too far ahead for me to even bother continuing.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride

What is it about:

Chise is taken in by Elias, an magus. He intends to make her both his bride and apprentice. Thus, begins her new life.

  1. OVA: Before the Stars Meet
  2. Episode 1: Bride to Be
  3. Episode 2: Honeymoon
  4. Episode 3: Learning to Fly
  5. Episode 4: Cat Kingdom
  6. Episode 5: Truth
  7. Episode 6: The Fairy King and Queen
  8. Episode 7: Oddly Familiar
  9. Episode 8: Good Dog
  10. Episode 9: Love?
  11. Episode 10: Back Story Time
  12. Episode 11: Back Story Time Part 2
  13. Episode 12: Chise’s Change
  14. Episode 13: Warmth
  15. Episode 14: Sight Beyond Sight
  16. Episode 15: Home
  17. Episode 16: Girl Time
  18. Episode 17: Forgotten
  19. Episode 18: Jealousy
  20. Episode 19: Save the Dragons
  21. Episode 20: Curse
  22. Episode 21: Things have Changed
  23. Episode 22: To Rid a Curse
  24. Episode 23: Promise
  25. Final Episode: The End of Suffering

This series was licensed by Funimation and Crunchyroll.


Spring 2018


What is it about:

Hina has psychic powers, she gets taken in by Nitta, a yakuza member. While it might sound like some sort of action packed series, it’s the opposite. Nothing but comedy and hijinks here.

  1. Episode 1: The Psycho in Psychokinetic
  2. Episode 2: New Girls and Drunks
  3. Episode 3: Homeless, Bartenders, and Cleaning
  4. Episode 4: Disownment with some Help
  5. Episode 5: Spend Money to make less Money
  6. Episode 6: Word to Your Mothers
  7. Episode 7: Serious Business
  8. Episode 8: You Say Goodbye and I say Hello
  9. Episode 9: Challenge of our Rivals
  10. Episode 10: For all the Money
  11. Episode 11: The Interview
  12. Final Episode: Full Circle

The series is licensed by Funimation and Crunchyroll

Summer 2018

Cells at Work

This is a series I reviewed over at Anime Corps, it is one of the rare ones where I did not drop them. At least, I hope it is, since it is still airing while I write this.


Fall 2018

TBA (Probably Index S3)


That was (almost) all the weekly review posts that were written between 2017 and 2018. Again, A Certain Magical Index season 3 is in longer series. If there are any issues with links, do feel free to comment which link is broken.

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