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Not your Average Mob: Mob Psycho 100 Review

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Ep 3 Review: The Ultimate Butt Attack

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Ep 2 Review: Nothing Butt Training

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Ep 1 Review: Nothing BUTT sports here


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To Defeat Enemies in a Punch: One Punch Man Review

Originally I set out to do this series as a weekly review, however other plans got into the way of doing that so it is time to get into talking about the anime that saved me from a boring year of airing anime. Continue reading “To Defeat Enemies in a Punch: One Punch Man Review”

Kannazuki no Miko Review

Before I begin with my usual stuff, this review was meant to go up a few months ago, as well as this being the last review of this set up. So I hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Kannazuki no Miko Review”

Actually I am Episode 10 Review

i am a title

So, before I get started there might be a small rant about this, mostly comparing the manga to the anime and what not. So, with that heads up you have been warned. I will do my best not to rant too much though. So yeah, not much other than that to say other than spoiler warning.

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Strike Witches Season One Review

strike witches logo

So over the summer and my adventures in tackling my “to-watch list” as well as shortly after writing the Kancolle review I had that urge to watch something else. Something that some people said was like Kancolle but with planes. This show was on my list for a while now and I finally decided to check it out. Before I knew it I am already making plans to do the review for the second season, the film, as well as the OVAs at some point. Any way enough about that. Like always for series reviews this will be spoiler free. So without further ado, time to get started on this action, sci-fi, military based anime.

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