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30 day anime challenge

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 30

Day 30: An anime you wish never ended and continued on


Well, day thirty is finally here! Before I answer this I have to say this was a lot of fun. I am glad I did this. Although I forget where I found the original idea, and more than likely I found it typing up 12 day anime challenge and finding this one instead, since the other one deals with Christmas, but anyway I had a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoyed.


So without further ado, my response for this one is very is it is A Certain Magical Index Oh My Goddess. The series completed its 26 year continuous run last year for the manga. The anime ended back in 2006. So, needless to say there is a lot that they could do for the anime. I really like this series, and I would love to see more. I watched the OVAs that came out back in 2011 and I really liked them, only down side is that they are not licensed. I also want to belldandyread the manga, the only problem is that the one, Barnes and Nobles does not carry it, and the comic store that does have used copies of it only has volume 20 and up to the newest volume. However it was announced, although it has not been stated when, that the manga will be rereleased in Omnibus editions, so hopefully the comic store will have those since they carry the latest volumes. In a way it got my hopes up for a third season, like how Index movie, the major announcement that turned into the anime adaptation for Heavy Object and so much more that did not give it a third season. So yeah, the anime I want to continue on and did not end is A Certain Magical Index Oh My Goddess.


So, again, I hope you enjoyed the last 30 days, I know I did.

Day 29

Back to Day 1


What is an anime you did not want to end but did? Also would it be possible for another season for that show?

Also did you take part in this challenge or are thinking about doing it? Please tell me I want to check it out.

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 29

Day 29: An anime you wished was real

pokemon 150
Back in my day there was only 151.


Pokemon, that is an easy one. You can do just about anything. Also, there are two others, either Magi or Fairy Tail, because I can use magic, and other series as well. But anyway, back to the original answer. Pokemon, is something I always wished was real when I was little. I have mentioned, at least I think I mentioned, I still play the games, that is when the main game comes out and it is the only reason why I still buy a new portable Nintendo system. I mean why you would not want it real I would need to question it. This is not basing it off the games, where only the main character saves the day, but the anime, where seemingly everyone is better than the main character, then again he has immortality, so he wins this round.


Day 28

Day 30


What anime you wished was real? If you agree with me, what would your starter be, mine would be Cindaquil or Treecko or Charmander.


30 Day Anime Challenge Day 28

Day 28: Favorite Anime Quote

I could not find her saying the quote, so here she is as a cat.

“People die if they are killed.” Okay, now for a serious answer. From Bakamonogatari, “I don’t know everything. I only know what I know.” This quote I really like and I think this can say a lot. In truth no one can know everything, and I think this is a great reminder of it. You can know a lot, but sometimes there are some things you cannot know. That, and it makes me seem a little more arrogant if I feel like it and more of a know it all by telling people they do not know everything, even if the person I am telling is myself.

Day 27

Day 29

What is your favorite quote, also say the series?

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 27

Day 27: Recommend one anime that most people have not seen


I do not really like recommending series. I have seen a lot of series. There are plenty that I could recommend. There are plenty that are bad, good, great, and anything and everything in between. The question is what series. Recommending a series really depends on a person’s preference. If they liked dark fantasy I would recommend Akame ga Kill. For just fantasy Magi. If it was a comedy, and rather reasonable then D-Frag, a person with a lot of time then Gintama and someone who likes dirty jokes then Seitokai Yakuindomo. However, it is not that simple.  So for this one I am going to say Selector Infected WIXXOS. It is 24 episode original series that is fairly good. Especially since part of the question was for something that people probably did not see. It felt like this series did not get a lot of attention.

Day 26

Day 28

Alright, what is a series you would recommend to me? Also what genre do you like and I can recommend a series to you.

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 26

Day 26: Best Anime Fight

natsu fights sting and rogue

This one is rather easy. It would be from episode 175, aka the final episode of Fairy Tail’s first series when Natsu fights Sting and Rouge single handedly after ditching Gajeel. It was the final episode but that fight was so good. It was probably the best fight in that entire Arc, next to the massive dragon fight when the series returned. Anyway, this one is rather easy to see then to explain. But still, since apparently Sting and Rouge had a boosted power and where stronger because of it, it did not change the fact that Natsu straight out destroyed them in that fight. It was the perfect send off for the series since it was unknown when it would return at the time of airing.

Day 25

Day 27

What do you think the best anime fight is?

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 25

Day 25: Saddest Anime Death


Again, do I need to say it spoilers.

This one I am having difficult time thinking about it. But I think I know. Originally I looked and read about Parasyte. So, I know what happens. Although at the time of writing this I have missed the last several episodes and like to imagine I did not see what I saw that was a spoiler, it was for another death in the series. I read about the parents and what happens to them. So I thought that was going to happen later in the series. But, I would have to give it to Shinichi’s mom, Nobuko Izumi. I knew it was going to happen, since Wikipedia is like that. I knew it was happening, just like Maes death in Full Metal Alchemist, yet it did not change the fact that I balled my eyes out.


Most ridiculous deaths go to the two characters in Death Parade episode 6.

Day 24

Day 26

Stay away from spoilers, so just say the episode and the name of the series for what is the saddest death?

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 24

Day 24: The Moment that Shocked you the most in an Anime


            For starters major spoilers. I think people might know what I am doing for this, but it is from episode 23 from Akame ga Kill when Tatsumi died. I did not see that happening. As a fan of the manga I always think he is safe seeing that he is the main character, but it was that moment, even though I originally hated the original ending idea, like the series and putting it at number 9 for favorite series. It made me just love it, like how the manga made me love it with the fact that at any second one of the characters that was around is no longer there. So, now I get to struggle with saddest anime death for tomorrow, seeing that I cannot do this one.


So, good night, sweet prince. Good night.

Day 23

Day 25

Try to refrain from spoilers, but just say the episode and the series. So what is the moment that shocked you the most?



30 Day Anime Challenge Day 23

Day 23: Favorite Attack someone used in an Anime

Mine, although picking every single move from Fate Stay Night and Fate Zero is not my choice, but if I had to say obviously Sabers, I am going with Earth Punch. The move is from D-Frag, and  Chitose Karasuyama uses it. Now when I say Earth Punch, you are probably thinking the likes of a Pokemon move, well it is not. It is when she punches someone after she just finished playing in a sandbox and has dirt on her hands, the life of a highschooler at its finest.


Day 22

Day 23

What is your favorite attack in an anime?

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 22

Day 22:  Favorite Weapon, Gear, or Armor used in an Anime

Again, this sort of falls into the category I am unsure of. So, when I think of this the series with the most weapons, gear, or armor that comes to mind is Akame ga Kill. At the same time Magi comes to mind. So, for this I will choose a weapon, Amon’s Sword from Magi, and an Armor, Incursio from Akame ga Kill. Now I proceed to talking about them both.

amon sword

Well, Amon’s dijinn equip for starters, just looks cool. At the same time itself just the normal sword is the main focus, both when it is normal and when it actually has the power. I am talking about the second vessel that Alibaba uses.


Incursio from Akame ga kill, do I need to say much about this, probably not. I like the overall design in the manga more, especially in the recent chapters where it reached a new stage and is more beast like, not like how in the anime where it grew wings. I really like just the overall design for it.

Day 21

Day 23

What would be your answer for this?

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