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30 day manga challenge

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 30

Day 30: Your favorite manga that you never want to end Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 30”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 29

Day 29: A manga you read that was just plain weird

musume 8 2            Next to last day and in all honesty I am a little disappointed when looking at this day. I mean a lot of them are weird and it really depends what you are looking for exactly. So, yeah, this one is a “I am going to change since it is pointless” day. The answer would be Monster Musume by the way if I decided to go with this theme.


Day 29: A Manga You Would Like People to Recommend to You Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 29”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 28

Day 28: A manga you think is so brilliant it’s like literature

Today is pointless. Literature is defined as a writing work. In some cases it is defined as a published work as well. Manga is literature, so today is literally pointless and the person who thought of this challenge really did not know the mean of the word. So I am changing the day, seemingly like a majority of these, to something else.

Day 28: A Manga you think is so brilliant but the Anime Sucks Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 28”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 27

Day 27: A manga you would never buy

Like I say later this is an old picture, I have a lot more.

Today, this one feels like it does not have enough detail to it. So, if I added a manga you like that you would never buy it makes more sense. It is just the obvious answer for this one would be a manga I hate, if I hate it why would I buy it? Anyway enough about that. This one is a little tricky since there are so many manga I wish to buy, but I have no idea what I would not. Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 27”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 26

Day 26: The last manga you read Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 26”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 25

Day 25: The best manga oneshot

I don’t read a lot of oneshots and if I do they tend to be for series I am reading. There are a lot of random ones out there and in all honesty I do not know what it would be. I have not read many so I cannot really pick one. I will say which ones I have read. Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 25”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 24

Day 24: The best long manga series

Ok, so this one is Fairy Tail, however, has been brought up in about 5 of these days so far, so I really do not want it to show up anymore, as much as I enjoy it. So here is another day change. Now what that is, I cannot really say, well, yeah I can.

Day 24: The longest running manga you own
Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 24”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 23

Day 23: Best manga villain

Zeref Angry Zeref smash
Zeref from chapter 220 of the manga.

Zeref from Fairy Tail easily. The villain is always important. A story can only be good as the villain and their goals. Without the villain a series can fall flat. Now, Zeref has a lot of levels to his character and was built up since way before he even made an appearance. The Lullaby arc, one of the first arcs dealt with a demon from Zeref’s book.

Before I go any further this will contain spoilers for the manga and major spoilers at that.

Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 23”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 22

Day 22: A manga you wish didn’t exist Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 22”

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