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Top Five Least Favorite Anime

top 5

My first Top 5 was on my favorite anime. Over a year has passed since that post and I personally am surprised I did not think about doing this theme earlier. One thing that bugs me is the word hate; I prefer to use dislike since hate is a strong word. However some of this anime on this list I will have to say I hate them, because that is how things are. Now with the topic of Least Favorite Anime, I am setting a few ground rules:

  • The show has to be seen in full, unless dropped in a later season
  • There can be no comparison to the manga, at the time of watching the show
  • No, because it was stupid answer

So with those rules out of the way without further ado let’s get started.


Number 5: Rosario + Vampire

So, those that been following my blog for some time this series being on this list is probably no surprise what so ever. What surprises me is that it is in the number 5 spot. Originally it was not even going to be on the list. Much like the number 4 it is a mild dis-like for various reasons. This series was in my top 10 favorite anime when I first watched it. It was in the first year of watching anime, so that might explain why. But it held its spot for almost a year, even when it did not and other great shows came in, it slowly fell down the list. Then checking the manga out happened.

Most of my dislike for this series stems from the fact of what they did not do that the manga did. Time and time again I mentioned that after reading the manga, which I would love to own, that the anime if they followed the manga to the nail it would be a great series. It is dark, shenen action, with little harem antics. It was a harem ecchi manga without feeling like it was a harem or ecchi manga. This series was why I added the “At the time of watching the show for manga comparison.”

A little off track, but the anime, although I have not watched it since my first view, a part of me is wondering if I would enjoy it like I first did. It is a stupid fun harem ecchi series. Although if I watch it I probably would just get annoyed about the fact of what they had with the source, one of the very few times where I will complain about it.

Inner_moka being awesome


Number 4: The Testament of Sister New Devil

This show is stupid, is what I would like to say. The rules in place do not make it that simple. Let me see. This falls under the same category of the previous one. One thing I really liked about the series was the heroes and demons concept and the magic element of that sort. I thought those concepts were thought out and well defined. They were enough that made me watch more and come back after the second cour or season or whatever appeared. Now let’s talk about everything wrong that made me not watch pass the second episode in season 2. Although a part of me does wish to finish this series.

The characters are terrible. Mio has no defining qualities what so ever. The only two characters that have remote personality and not some flat easily submissive character are Maria and barely the main character Basara. The fact that ecchi situations are ninety percent of this show and it is basically a hentai and I still cannot believe I am saying this “More ecchi than High School DXD.” The show has no real direction what so ever at all. The battles may be interesting, but there is no real need for them or build up to them with all the ecchi situations that happen before and after them. It is just frustrating in that aspect.

As for the characters and plot, or the lack thereof, I really think it is on the writer’s part on the source material. The reason for that will be explained later; because this is not the only series they wrote that is on this list.

troll you

Number 3: Aldnoah. Zero

This series is pushing hate. First cour was brilliant. It was just so well done, written, and everything. The ending was perfect too, until the second cour happened. This series I am not wasting any time to get right down to why I do not like this series. The series did not need to continue, with the main characters. But no, after killing every one of them off in the first half they all magically survived and returned in the second cour. That is what annoys me. Then the characters lost seemingly everything that made me remotely like them in the first half and do a 180 in personality which made it worse. If the show did not do any of that at the start mostly, the killing of the main characters at the half way point I might have enjoyed the second half enough to watch more than 7 episodes into the second cour or season or whatever. That is what frustrates me. They had it so well written and had great people writing, they just did a terrible job with it. I hear so many complaints about this show so I am not surprised I am complaining about it either. This show frustrates me to even thinking about it how to write more about it.

Aldnoah.Zero pic

Number 2: Samurai Flamenco

Now I am getting into the shows I hate.

I loved the first 6 episodes of the show. It gave off the feel that anyone can make a difference. It does not matter. The characters were also enjoyable as well. Then episode six happened and shocked me like crazy. Then it became a real Sentai type series. At first I did not like the idea I will admit it surprised me and it turned into something somewhat enjoyable. But then it did not stop.

It felt like after that first main villain was defeated the show did not know where to go from there. The monsters and plot became more and more ridiculous. I do not remember how it ended, but in all honesty I stuck through it since the beginning got my attention and I had hope that it might turn back somehow. But it did not.

The twists continued to get more and more ridiculous with each passing episode and with each episode the loss of what really is the plot for the show became apparent. The show has great concepts on what a hero is; it was funny, and entertaining. It just did a terrible job at presenting the story. I believe good characters can make up for a bad plot. I also believe that no matter how good the characters are they cannot save a plot that has no idea what the plot is. Such as the case with this show.

I will admit I thought the final arc was good, to some extent, from what I remember. Yet, either way I have no idea what was on the minds when they were trying to do this weekly. I think the show should have ended in twelve episodes in some way rather than be the 22 or 24, since I cannot remember.

I am not sure how I would feel if I tried to watch it again after all this time. The last year of blogging opened up my eyes on what good anime are. I could see myself perhaps enjoying it or maybe even hating it more if I were to try again. I really do not know. My mind became more critical no matter what anime I try to watch. Sometimes I can shut my brain off, but that is not always the case.

Samurai-flamenco hero suit

But enough about those, time to talk about the series I hate. Even though I say I hate Samurai Flamenco, there are still things I like. Yet, with the number one spot it goes to one where I cannot even think of anything that can save it.


terrible person
Because this post is a Rant, sorry everyone.

If you thought the ones before were rants, you will be dead wrong with this one.


Number 1: Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

So, we all have things we like and things we do not. We all have things we do not like to see in anime. Now for me the perfect ball of everything I do not like in anime appeared in this anime. I myself question to this day what made me watch this show over two years ago. What exactly was on my mind? Well, besides wanting to watch a harem series I did not before this was the only one that fit the bill that caught my attention first. A part of me gave hope to it. A part of me questions why did I go back after two weeks of not watching it to watch the final two episodes despite not liking it. I think I wanted something to prove that I could finish it. I really do not know.

The main character is the type I do not like, cold, a jerk, and basically thinks he is all that. He treats the girls horribly and thinks it is okay since he is just doing it to help. This does not change the fact of what he did.

This series is by the same creator of the Number 4 spot The Testament of Sister New Devil. The fantasy elements are alright, but never really make an appearance. The ecchi is gross, considering one episode in its entirety revolves around the girls being locked into a room needing to go to the bathroom. They are forced to go after the main lead teases them a little too much.

The villain, if he could be called that was forgettable and just as much of a jerk as the hero, which isn’t saying much. I do not remember a lot about the series, I just remember a lot of the things I hated, since there were no good things to remember.

The final episode spent a whole 5 minutes at most taking out the villain only to build up for a second season it never got. That always frustrates me. I do not mind the, go read the manga endings. I do mind when they spend a whole episode building it up, much like Madoka Box, which was close to getting on this list because of it. But this show is far worse. Nothing was enjoyable and the ending itself also made the question for more non-existent.

This is one series that I will say, no matter what, I would never recommend to people. I would maybe recommend Samurai Flamenco, maybe. This series I would tell people to stay away from.

terrible anime

So, this was a first I have been embarrassed while writing my posts before but never so raged and frustrated this took me several times to write.


So, what are your least favorite anime?

As always with Top Fives I am looking for suggestions. I do give shout outs to those that thought of the idea.  They can be maid here, twitter (both personal and blog), and on the Top Five Page.

As always I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any thoughts, ideas, or anything you would like to see here feel free to comment. If that does not work try to contact me through social media.

The Reviewer’s Corner has an official twitter, which is here. All updates, polls, and information on posts and future posts can be found there.

If you are a blogger who focuses on anime, manga, or comics and make you blog known feel free to visit the blog roll page and leave a message.

Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe


Spring Break Challenge Final Part

So Spring Break is over, and after struggling that last day of break to finish a project due that night, I did get some things done on this list. At the same time I did a lot of thinking, and although it had nothing to do with the content I post here it relates to the content I post on Deviantart, which ultimately I am stopped a story sooner than I would like, mostly because it is a struggle to write it. Anyway, that is not that point and has nothing really to do with this. At the same time there were some things I did not get to and others that I did. Anyway, let me show you how I did.


Watch/ Read for Reviews

Love Live Season 2 ep 7/12

Hopefully the review will be out sometime in the next two weeks. I sort of neglected this series, which was unfortunate. I only managed to get one more episode during that time.


Akame ga Kill Vol 1, Attack on Titan Vol 1, Fairy Tail Vol 1

All were finished reading. I did say in my last post that the Akame ga Kill review would have been out mostly because the time writing it was replaced with working on the school work, but I am changing the date to Friday. The following Mondays the other two manga reviews will be out, with an Akame ga Kill and Attack on Titan comparison discussion.


Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 25

Still have yet to start yet, again the review will probably be moved to the summer. This is more then likely.


High School DXD Season 1 & 2

These reviews will come out in the summer, and although I would like to start it before season 3 airs, more than likely I will watch all three simultaneously, which is my original plan. That has not changed at all. I have plenty of time before.


Shows that Continue or have Sequel in Spring Season

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho A’s ep 10/13, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho Strikers ep 26 (Have yet to start)

Again, due to the work on the projects, and a lot of interfearance of other means I did not finish this series, although I hope to get Strikers done before  Vivid airs in two weeks.


Gintama ep 92/265 (Will watch new season regardless)

Priority: I do not care, I will finish it whenever. Cruchyroll was acting up on some of the episodes, so I did not get anywhere in terms of what I wanted to get done.


Nisekoi ep 10/20

Although this series was a unintentional drop, more than likely I will not bother trying to watch it before it returns.


Shows that are ongoing that I need to catch up

Adanoah Zero Second Cour ep 2/12 Log Horizon ep 12/25 Yatterman Night ep 5/12

Again, I was doing a lot of work for school on both Saturday and Sunday, so the shows I normally would have watched I did not get to. At the same time most of the shows I normally watch on Sunday I still have yet to watch as well. So I became a little more behind then I would have liked.


Your Lie in April ep 20/22

I was able to marathon it, and I wanted to save the episode that aired for the day of the finally. I will not lie and say I cried a lot and I had to stop often because of it.


Yurikuma ep 7/12

This did not change at all from last week’s update.


Yona of the Dawn ep 17/25

I was hoping to catch up, unfortunately I was unable to. I am going to try to watch at least an episode a night to catch up, it should not be too hard, since a lot of people are saying it is turning out amazing.


The Testament to the Sister New Devil ep 8/12 (10 have aired)

Ironically enough even though this one had the danger of dropping I kind of did like catching up on it. Aesthic of a Rouge hero is one anime I regret watching. This series is by that same creator for source material, I do like this series better than the other work, and so I am not dropping it.


That was what I did during Spring Break. I also have an idea for a set schedule for what I would like to start doing for set content. First I need to make a proper homepage, and I will post it there.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday content will hopefully come out. A review on Monday, Wednesday either a discussion or a Speculation/Theory will be out. Friday either an I, The American Otaku post will be out or a Top Five depending on the week. I am glad I came up with this, and I hope I can stick to it. I know most weeks some things will not be out, so that is just the idea what should hopefully be out.


So, with all that said and Spring Break now done, I am done with this challenge I set myself, although it was more of a personal goal. Did you set out for any personal goals during Spring Break or some type of vacation.


Spring Break 2015 Challenge

So, by the title of this post it is probably obvious this is a challenge. This Spring Break is different compared to the last few for me. For starters I have a blog, that one is obvious, the other being that I have two projects due the last day of spring break, two the day I get back, and the following Wednesday I have an essay and a midterm. So, my week is busy. So, why not make a challenge of it?

Now, I will say there will be two more posts for this challenge, a check in on my progress as well as a final result.

I have several shows that I want to watch, I also have two days when no one is home where I can read manga for the reviews this month, seeing that anime is a secret for me finding time to read manga is only for when I am home alone. Plus I may get to go and pick up the manga the comic book store ordered for me if they come in. Anyway, projects that I need to get done will not be on here for school. The anime will be. I will also say what episode I am on in some cases as well as the importance as well as number of episodes in general if I have not started.


Watch/ Read for Reviews

Expect me to talk about this.

Love Live Season 2 ep 2/12 (High)

Akame ga Kill Vol 1 (High)

Attack on Titan Vol 1 (High)

Fairy Tail Vol 1 (High)

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 25 (Low might put review off till summer)


Shows that Continue or have Sequel in Spring Season

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho A’s ep 12 (Need to watch before I get to Strikers)

Priority: High

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho Strikers ep 26 (Need to watch before ViVid comes out)

Priority: High

Gintama ep 88/265 (Will watch new season regardless)

Priority: I do not care, I will finish it whenever

Nisekoi ep 10/20 (It was an unintentional drop, but I want to finish it)

Priority: Low

Shows that are ongoing that I need to catch up

Adanoah Zero Second Cour ep 2/12 (Love watching it in bulk)

Priority: High

Your Lie in April ep 15/22 (Love watching it in bulk)

Priority: High

Log Horizon ep 12/25 (Love watching it in bulk)

Priority: High

Yurikuma ep 6/12

Priority: High

Yatterman Night ep 5/12

Priority: High

Yona of the Dawn ep 17/25

Priority: Very High

The Testament to the Sister New Devil ep 5/12 (More than likely drop, see same problems as other creators source material work which I hated this is slightly better though may continue)

Priority: Low

So, yeah, I have a lot on my plate this week that I need to get done for school work. So, finding time to watch the shows and get everything else done will be tricky. I think for some series I could catch up if I focus on them on one day a week. That would be my best shot at watching them and marathon them all. At the same time I have two more posts coming out next week, besides the follow up on where I am for this (Wednesday), as well as my stories for Deviantart. So, it should be interesting what happens.

Winter Season 2015 Part 4

Part 3 can be found here.

Like always I am only discussing my impressions of shows that are going to be streamed legally. In this post I will be discussing Assassination Classroom, Aldnoah.Zero episode 13, Maria the Virgin Witch. I have yet to watch Duarara and Dog Days, so I am currently watching those before I do my impressions of those, since I like those series since I started to watch them.

Assassination Classroom

The plot for this series is rather simple. Class 3-E is tasked with killing their teacher, an octopus like monster that threaten to destroy the earth in one year time unless they kill him. Of course one problem with the class is how no one respects them and is treated as the lowest of the low, except for their teacher, who is the best that they ever had.

I have to say this was my most anticipated series this season, and it did not disappoint in anyway. I only read the first few chapters last summer, and I thought it was good. I can see them following the manga faithfully, that is unless they want it to have a complete story with the 22 episodes they have in store for it. Regardless, this series did live up to my expectations of it and I will hopefully be keeping it the whole way through. This series is being streamed by Funimation.


I am not going to talk about the plot, since this is episode 13 and not a second season. But I am a little frustrated about what happened. The ending was good; with the exception the war did not end and now it turns out all the characters that died did not die. I am not going to say any more than that other than my worries for this is proven so far. I will keep it through to the end and hope that this little hiccup will just be that. That shock value immediately went away when this episode aired, and now I really hope it does not try to do something like that again. This series is being streamed by Cruchyroll.

Maria the Virgin Witch         

    Well, there is this witched named Maria. She does not like war and I knew the series takes place during the period where France and England where at war since that what the internet says. But going off what the internet says not much of what the real plot was revealed. But I think the title hints at what it could deal with.

Anyway, I really like fantasy anime. Granted a majority of the series I watch are comedies and such. I do like fantasy, be it back in time or in another world all together. I was looking forward for this series because of that fantasy element. It did not disappoint me when it came to it. This is one series that I will know I will keep for the season.  Funimation is streaming this series.

Top 5 Original and Best Series of 2014

top 5


Alright, so this top five is going to be different. It is going to count down two series simultaneously. Each one will be discussing one series that is based off of source material and one original work. This list is also not continuing shows that second season aired this year, unless of course the first season aired as well this year. This is also not counting shows that started in 2013 fall season, so keep that in mind.


Number Five: Space Dandy and D-Frag


Space Dandy, for starters I have to say is amazing. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but it is the first series that was dubbed before subbed. Both were coming out simultaneously as well. Personally I did not see it, and I wish I did. However, because of the fact that it was being dubbed and subbed simultaneously, then I have to give it some major props for that. If I have seen it, I am fairly certain it would be higher on this list because of that.

D-Frag, is one of my favorite manga. It gets funnier and funnier to say the least the longer it goes. Although it might not have been funnier compared to others that came out this year, it is still on the list with the fact that it was in the winter season, which to me always seems to have few new shows. I think it is more of the reason why I liked the manga that is on this list, but at the same time it is one of the few shows that follow closely to the manga and I mean closely. Sure, they skipped a small arc, but that was later covered in the OVA that came out later this year. With the fact of the comedy and how close it follows the source material, it is on this list because of that.


Number 4: World Conquest Zvezda Plot and The Fruit of Grisaia


World Conquest Zvezda Plot, can be summed up by questioning what is it exactly. The series, at least in some way is connected to Type Moon, and in my last Top Five I mentioned how really anything by Type Moon I find enjoyable. This series fits into that category. Although it tells a complete story, at the same time it is clear that it can still have another season. It is called World Conquest, and sorry for the spoiler, but they only conquered Japan at the end of the show. Clearly it could have more, but from where it is now, it was enjoyable while it lasted as an original series.

The Fruit of Grisaia is a show that, well like some in the fall lineup, I did not have high hopes for it when going into it. It seems like this year there were several shows that really surprised me in how they turned out, this is one of them another is also on this list as well. For starters, I cannot wait for the more episodes in April. Even if they did not get the other Visual Novels adapted, the series has a well thought out story, and character development as time went on. My only problem really was the final arc and how long it took, at the same time that was important. Regardless, this was probably one of the best surprises this year when it came to watching something I thought would be different. Also the novels are getting a port to Steam sometime in the next year.


Number 3: Aldnoah.Zero and Parasyte


Aldnoah.Zero would be higher on this list if not for my major concerns for season two or the second half of however you would put it. The final minute or so in the last episode is the reason why I feel that way. It is from the creator of Psycho Pass, although his work is good, with how Psycho Pass 2 turned out I am a little worried, as in a lot worried for what could happen. With that out of the way, this series was probably the biggest one this year. I only recently got into the mecha genre; Buddy Complex was the one that got me into it. This series was wonderful. Out of the like five mecha series I have seen, this one was different in the sense that the only ones who had different mechas where the bad guys. Yet, that aside this series clearly did something right. It was entertaining; I even had to stop watching several times since I could not deal with just watching a single episode. It would probably be at number one if not for my concerns with best original work for 2014.

Parasyte, I have to say might be a little early which is why it is also high on the list. At the same time compared to other shows this year I know I can go in episode to episode and be entertained and will not want to wait for the following week. Sure there are other series that came out this year that made me feel the same way, but those are mostly shows that are on their second season or remakes. What really surprises me and what I really like is the fact that they are adapting it in full, and it was based off a manga from almost two decades ago, which I have to say is amazing. Unlike Aldnoah.Zero, I do not have worries for this series as of right now. So, I am glad it is at spot number 3.


Number 2: Selector Infected WIXOSS and No Game No Life


Selector Infected WIXOSS is one of the other series as well as No Game No Life that were a lot better than you would think. However, at least I think, Selector did not get as much limelight as it should have. What I liked about it through the two seasons is that it told a complete story. At the same time I originally dropped the show before the massive plot twist that was in I want to say episode eight. It is because of that plot twist and the fact that after that plot twist I really enjoyed this series. Recently home video rights were required, and it may be a series that I may or may not pick up in the future since I enjoyed it. Personally it is not top ten worthy, maybe top twenty at least for me.

No Game No Life, need I say more? Yes, this was a show that I personally thought would be bad, but decided to watch it anyway. It was funny and rather enjoyable. My only real problem with this series was the cliff hanger at the end of the final episode that makes me want a second season, which more than likely there will be. At the same time I am also thinking of getting the novels once they get their English release, although that is unlikely since I am already getting too much as is. Regardless, I doubt I need to say a lot since this was a hugely popular series this year.


Number 1: Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru and Akame ga Kill


Ironically the number one spot is taken by work from the same author. As I said in the Akame ga Kill discussion, it is my favorite manga. Although I was a little disappointed at first with the original ending that thought quickly changed with the blind side in the twenty-third episode. So, sure it is bias to put that at number one, but I mean, this is a discussion and opinion related piece, so it would make sense. Really any reason why I would put this at number one could be found in my Akame ga Kill discussion, but I pretty much summed it up with what I mentioned the twenty-third episode.

Now, for the original piece, it fits into the same category. Although I did not really know that it was by the creator of Akame ga Kill, this did not stop the fact that I really enjoyed it. In fact I only learned this information later when the series was on the final episode. Much like getting into the Mecha genre this year the Magical Girl genre became a thing as well. This one was my favorite that I have seen the characters, the development of the characters and story. It was defiantly one of if not the best original work this year, even though like most shows had their flaws.



Well, notable mentions I would have to put a lot of shows that had their second season and a lot of show in general. But mentioning ones that did not turn out as well as I would have liked would be Psycho Pass 2, Bryhildr in the Darkness, and Trinity Seven. Although Trinity Seven is the better of the three, and the manga of Bryhildr is a lot better, but might be worth checking out. This is more disappointment in knowing that they could both turn out better.

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