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Final Summer 2016 Impressions

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Check it Out: Concrete Revolutio

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Check it out: Girls und Panzer

Well, welcome to a new series of post that I have been planning for some time. Check it Out is a first impressions series. You, the reader, suggests an anime I should watch. I watch the first 3 episodes and give you my initial thoughts. There are a few rules to this though:

  1. Must be licensed for streaming. (I would like to support something)
  2. Must be completed. (Don’t want airing series, so anything from not the current anime season)

Other than that I am open to almost anything. Of course I will give a shout out to what people recommend me. This series in particular a lot of people recommended me. So I figured I would start here and not pick one person over the other for the first post.

This is the first post so I am open to suggestions on what to talk about for a series. So expect some changes in the first few posts.

The Plot:

So, from what the first three episodes I gathered that schools are now on boats the size of a rather large city. Schools also have Tankery battles. Girls drive tanks since it is seen as the ideal woman sport. They compete and do stuff with tanks. That is all I gathered so far.

girls und panzer

Basic Information:

  • Licensor: Sentai Filmworks
  • Stream Site: Crunchyroll
  • Number of Episodes: 12, plus 6 OVAs and 1 movie

random girl

Overall Thoughts:

Episode one started off with a few episodes jump forward, I now assume that is episode 4, since I clearly have not seen the battle and episode. Overall I really just did not like the class president, and the one with half of glasses. Like, what is up with that? The other one though I like her. Anyway, as for the characters that appeared in the first episode I did not care so much for the main character. Yet oddly enough I was still drawn to the series to go to the next episode. Then of course there was that massive boat that you discover they live on. Which only seems larger and large with each passing episode.

Then there was the second episode. It was a bit better, since a character I grew fond of appeared. She comes off as shy, but then gets super energetic talking about tanks. Anyway, this is where the questioning of how large the boat is, they had to find the tanks and well, one was in a lake, another inside a cliff, one in a rabbit hutch and well, just random places. I really like the instructor lady. She seems nice.

Then the final episode. The episodes I am starting to notice basically end on cliff hangers, second episode did it, now the third episode. A part of me likes it, granted I would be annoyed if I watched it weekly. But it is keeping me interested. The battle was only showing signs of starting that appeared at the start of episode one. But you did get to see a mock battle which was rather nice. The whole things with the tanks was nice. Clearly some knew how to go about with it, since people know these things, and yet there was still a struggle since this was the first time for them. The details on what they had to do inside the tank played out rather well.

girls und panzer hugPNG

Final Verdict:

I really did like the first three episodes. The main characters were not really a lot to get me into it with the first episode. It did take until the second one to get me to actually like all of them. I do plan on continuing with this series.


Did I continue/where am I now?

Due to me writing this post in advance I will say where I currently am at the time of uploading. I am on episode 6 and I do really like it, I hope to maybe do a review on at least the series, maybe not the OVAs or Movie, it depends.

best girl maybe

It is probably obvious who my favorite character is.

Anyway, as I said before any suggestions for this series on what to do for a post. More importantly a show to cover (I can’t do these posts if no one recommends anything), feel free to comment.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe

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