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Sunshine Award and Real Neat Blog Award Nomination from The Yuri Nation

For starts as a person who said he was going to stop doing these he really has not kept his word. But oh well. Here I am again, and I decided whenever I get nominated for these things they will just come out on a single day. Anyway enough about that.

This time I was nominated by my friend, Overlord-G, also known as Og-Man on twitter. He runs The Yuri Nation. So thank you for the nomination. It is also now when I realize I was also nominated for a Real Neat Blog award by him as well and both questions will be answered. There was also the fact he referred to me as Joey Mercury, and I did not know who he was till I looked it up in Google, anyway enough about that, thank you and time to get started.

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Real Neat Blog Award Nomination

real neat award

Hello again, I originally said I was going to stop doing award based posts for a while, but I was nominated for two different ones that I have not done before and I do what I want. For this one I will not nominate people. But the next one I will. This one, as the title suggests, is the Real Neat Blog Award.

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The Sunshine Award Nomination 1: Lita Kano


Alright, so during my two week hiatus I got several of these awards. So because it is me, I will be answering the questions, I will also nominate people. I am also doing these one at a time, and one nomination per post for these. Each with their own set of questions for the individual, ultimately all questions will probably be similar since I can never think of good questions. So, although I will be copying and pasting this part I hope you enjoy.


Alright, for starters thank you Lita Kano from Lita Kano’s Anime Reviews, who nominated me. This award is, after going off of several different posts to see what it is about, given to other bloggers that who are positive and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. So, thank you for thinking of me like that. Again thanks Lita.

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