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Top Five Anime Moms

In that half-awake state after being awake for an hour during the week, I can be a little random. I am even more random from 10-midnight on the weekends. At the same time I can screw myself over. This was one of those things waking up during the week I did a poll. It did very well, so I just screwed myself over. Plus I mean since joining twitter I gained the odd obsession with anime moms. So to be a man of my word, here are the Top Five Anime Moms for Mother’s Day. Continue reading “Top Five Anime Moms”

Sunshine Award and Real Neat Blog Award Nomination from The Yuri Nation

For starts as a person who said he was going to stop doing these he really has not kept his word. But oh well. Here I am again, and I decided whenever I get nominated for these things they will just come out on a single day. Anyway enough about that.

This time I was nominated by my friend, Overlord-G, also known as Og-Man on twitter. He runs The Yuri Nation. So thank you for the nomination. It is also now when I realize I was also nominated for a Real Neat Blog award by him as well and both questions will be answered. There was also the fact he referred to me as Joey Mercury, and I did not know who he was till I looked it up in Google, anyway enough about that, thank you and time to get started.

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Sunshine Award Nomination 5 Shay-Shay’s Anime Blog


So, now that seemingly the Sunshine Award Nominations have swept through and now comes to the final one that I received during that two-week hiatus. Not sure why I am putting this here other than the typical fact that it feels like that there should always be an introduction to the post that takes up at least four of five lines so my mind does not feel like it is going to explode. Anyway with that said. Let’s start.

So this one was by Animereviewergirl and her blog Shay-Shay’s Anime Blog. Check it out she does a lot of discussion based posts that can really get people thinking be it in the anime community on certain topics or what anime means to people, she also does the occasional anime review and a Sailor Moon Crystal episode review.

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