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12 Days of Top 5s Day 5: Female Characters

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Twin Star Exorcists Ep 6 Review: Girl Time (Wait this is getting 50 Episodes?)

Well, how can I put this? Well episode five really put me down and made me drag on not watching this episode. I will say it was so much better than episode 5. Plus I am now even more hopeful since it looks like episode 7 might be covering the manga again. This episode however I do remember a very faint, literally a single scene, that was in the manga even then that was drastically not the same. Either way time to get start. Continue reading “Twin Star Exorcists Ep 6 Review: Girl Time (Wait this is getting 50 Episodes?)”

Ace Attorney Episode 1-6 Impressions With Other Series

Due to the hiatus I was unable to do first impressions of the season. At the same time I sort of viewed it a little pointless to do mid-season impressions like two weeks after doing the first few episode impressions. So the mid-season impressions will be in two parts. I am primarily will be focusing on Ace Attorney for this post, however I will touch upon other shows this season. Unlike previous seasons I actually have not dropped anything, so there is a lot to cover.

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Top Five Love Live Best Girls and Future Ones

Hello, and welcome to a Super-Sized Top Five. This is the second post dedicated to Love Live. With the Final Live taking place, where the voice actress of Muse contracts expiring and the characters of Muse story has now been told it is time to do something different. With Love Live Sunshine coming out this summer and new characters to the franchise it is time to look into the potential of characters that could be my favorite before counting down my favorite from the previous generation. It has been awhile since I did a Top Five with two categories in one. So to say good-bye to a series that became my first idol series, a series that had some enjoyable moments, and so much more, without further ado here is my send off.

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Fire Emblem Fates Post Series 1: Unboxing Special

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12 Days of Anime: Day 9 The Idol Wars

This year really marked when I started to watch Idol anime. Although there is not a lot, just Love Live, Idolmaster, and Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. I have come to rather enjoy the type of series and view each one differently. Although it might be known by now on my viewpoint of them, to a minor extent, this year was still a year were I started to watch Idol Anime.

To me I did not fully enjoy Cinderella Girls. This is due to several factors. The characters I really enjoyed were never around. I did not watch the original Idolmaster till later, and at this point that this post is going up I only have a few more episodes left. However besides my lack of likeable characters and the characters to me being the most important part of the show. I could not fully enjoy it. There is also the always serious aspect to it, which was completely different to any idol anime I saw to date. Although they do have serious moments, Cinderella Girls feels all serious and no fun. Yet it was still there. I personally am willing to give it another shot, mostly for Kaede, Rin, and Ranko and seeing those characters again but mostly Kaede since I did not really appreciate her character till after her episode and after I dropped the show around episode 17. I found myself forcing to watch it knowing I did not like the characters that were the main focus all the time. But again I am willing to give it another shot since I like to keep an open mind. Since Kaede is worth it.

lovely Kaede wait she is always lovely

Idolmaster, as I stated I am still watching it. From the beginning I rather enjoyed it. I cannot find a character I dislike, which is amazing. Even characters I would expect myself to not like, I still find myself somehow enjoying them. The series itself is lighter than Cinderella Girls. At the same time that serious factor is always there, but not always making itself fully aware. Again unlike Cinderella Girls where it is always there and always known, which bugs me. The two series are complete opposites. I have major different views of both. I think that could be said for a lot of things, just because you like the main series does not mean you will love the spinoff. Or just because you love the spinoff does not make you love the series. I think that is why I see people picking one series over the other. To me I do not like drama filled shows. I do not mind them. However now thinking of this I think it was in episode 8 of Cinderella Girls where my dislike begin all thanks to Mio, the one character where I have to say that dreaded word known as hate, and say that I hate her character. So, besides that I really like Azusa and Takane the most in the original Idolmaster. Plus the producer is not some stiff serious dude all the time.

more food

Love Live, one of my favorite of the series I saw this year. All thanks to Nick and his Maki Monday spam way back in February. Anyway, as much as I enjoy Love Live, I do not like the second season. The reason for that mostly comes from the fact there was no real underline serious tone. Season 1 although it was not always fully present, it was still known that if they fail the school will close down. Season 2 did not really have that at all, not till towards the end when Muse decided they would disband. I am not going over the movie, since I plan to do a review later on it. Season 2 really felt like it was “Love Live 2: The Search for More Money” and if anyone can get that reference, you are awesome. At the same time what I enjoyed the most in Season 2 is that it gave characters that did not get so much limelight in season 1 episodes that focused on them and gave them character development. Also only thing I will say about the movie is all their moms are attractive and I want to see Mama Live like they were talking about. Where is Mama Live?

So, since I like Love Live more here are my rankings:

  1. Umi
  2. Maki and Nozomi (I don’t know who I like more)
  3. Rin
  4. Eli
  5. Kotori
  6. Honkers
  7. Hanayo
  8. Nico


As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe



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