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Twin Star Exorcists Ep 11 Review: Hide and Seek and Stuff

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KonoSuba Ep 6 Review- An Actual Fighting Episode

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Actually I am… Episode 2 review


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Well with the second episode and now me doing a review on it I think it is safe to say I still have no idea which series I will choose to do over the other for weekly reviews. With that said, well, there is not much for me to say right now other than the fact that the opening reminds me of Weird Al. So let’s get started on the second episode review. And as always with my weekly reviews there are spoilers.

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Top Five Comedic Characters

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Comedy is something that is different for everyone. It is a thing about enjoyment. What you find funny and what I find funny are two different things. The same could be said about just about anything, what you enjoy and what do I enjoy. Simply because this one is focused on anime, and this blog being a dominantly anime and manga related content, although I wish to add more comic related content and I am just unsure how. Anyway that was getting off topic. So, here are the personal top five comedic characters in anime and manga, what are yours?

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Top Five Comedy Series

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Well it is April, and the jokes from April Fools have now passed. Some were good, while others not so much. As an anime fan who lives in America it feels like I get two days of April First, the first day being on March 31st, where I have to question if an announcement is real or not when it comes to anime since in Japan it is April 1st. then when it finally becomes that day here in the US, it is a matter of getting everything else that was the day before leftovers. So, with that out of the way to explain the fact that this month is rather comedic, time to go down on what my top five comedy series are.

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