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Twin Star Exorcists Ep 43 Review: Rokuro’s Origin

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Hero vs Hero: Marvel’s Civil War Review

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Mob Psycho 100 Ep 1 Review: One Psychic Man

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Fire Emblem Fates Post Series 4: Hard Mode is Hard

So, for starters I am at that awkward point in a video game that really makes me well, get distracted, not play it for a few months, and runs the risk of never beating it. Fire Emblem Awakening went through this process and there was about a six month gap between me finishing the final 7 chapters. I was lucky to get through Birthright rather quickly, but now for Conquest, it is a whole other story. Either way it is the slowing period and I am starting to go a lot slower than I hoped. Continue reading “Fire Emblem Fates Post Series 4: Hard Mode is Hard”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 2

Day 2: Your favorite manga


I think I have brought it up several times. Although in recent months an opportunity to do so has not appeared. But it is Akame ga Kill. I have the first three volumes as of right now. I started reading the series before the anime was announced, although that was only by a month to a month and a half before. But after reading and getting into it, I just loved it so much for whatever reason to the point of labeling it as my favorite. To me it is entertaining and it is something I get to look forward to when translations come out on a monthly basis. Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 2”

Actually I am Episode 8 review

i am a title

Well this episode can be summed up fairly quickly so most of this will be focused on personal thoughts of the episode and thinking about the manga chapters that it relates to, since I remember them being up there for some of the more funnier chapters. Overall I will probably focus on my thoughts about anime and manga version of this series. So, there may be little spoilers not sure.

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Actually I am Episode 5 review

i am a title

Well before I begin this is the start of my weekly reviews where I am going to try out a new grading system. I feel like I should do this mostly because when it comes to where I give a score I feel like it is too personal since I really like these series of manga and anime. More than likely they will go into my top 15 anime once they are completed since they are both tied for 5th favorite manga. So the grade instead of being based on what happens in terms of plot for the episode, and my personal opinion, it will be a bit more of personal opinion and enjoyment factor as well as being a letter grade to not confuse anyone since series reviews will still be graded the same. I will be coping this part in the Monster Musume review as well. So with that said let’s get started for this episode. As always this will contain spoilers for the episode so you have been warned.

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