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12 Days of Anime: Day 12 The Best of the Year

Time to end these posts looking back on the year on a high note. A lot have anime have aired. A lot anime this year that I found not really too exciting. This year has been rather boring in my opinion, however there are still a lot of good moments out there for what happened this year. Not just in anime, but older series as well I watched. A lot has happened this year. Although I will be only talking about the airing anime that happened this year here is to all the anime seen this year and to all the ones that will be airing next year that will be good.

These are my Personal Favorites


Death Parade

That opening, just wow, I still love it so much. I mean once I mention Death Parade I naturally think of it, and had to stop writing just to play it while I write this part. But the show was rather interesting. It kept up that sense of how really people are behind their masks. Sometimes they really are jerks, while other times they are good people. It was very interesting just to see how each episode played out since clearly not everything was known. There was also room for there to be more, since it felt like there could be. Personally I hope there is not since it ended wonderfully, and is also the highest score of any review. Although I will admit now that could be partially due to bias. Still is a very great show and deserves a look at.


Monster Musume

I mean, did you really think I would not talk about this show? I really enjoy the manga, and I think the anime did a wonderful job with it. I agree with the choices that were made. I still want to rewatch it again just because why not. I have reread the manga so many times while waiting for another volume to come out. So, I am just glad the anime only fueled my enjoyment for the series more instead of ruin it like other adaptations. Now since I did a weekly review of this and Jitsu wa Watashi wa, the second series I reviewed will not be on here, since they really could have done better, they really stopped before it gets to the more humorous parts of the series. I think Jitsu wa Watashi wa does play a role in why I enjoyed Monster Musume was because I was reviewing both and I really enjoy the manga for both, which allowed me to think about them independently and think about the choices that were made for the anime from what they had in the manga.

musume 1 2

One Punch Man

I think this one could have been obvious. This anime saved me from a boring year of anime. I will admit I only watched episode one and two, stopped, and then picked up again later since this was after I decided to marathon it in one sitting. Then I stopped again to do exactly that and watched episode 4 to 12 in a day. It was glorious and worth the wait.  I am so glad there are like 6 OVAs going to be out for it. I really hope there is another season, but it will have to wait a bit for the manga to finish the next arc, which is apparently very long. Still the humor and action was very enjoyable and throw in the great art made it even more so. I really want to get the manga because I love owning physical copies and caught up with the redrawn version of the manga only two hours after finishing the anime. It was just amazing, easily one, if not, then my favorite series of the year.

Best Image Ever
Best Image Ever

I wanted to talk about another three since I only talked about three in Day 11 The Worst of the Year. However here are some honorable mentions of good series. Some are ongoing though.

  • Danmachi
  • Gundam Iron Blood Orphans
  • Saekano
  • Shokugeki no Souma

So, what are your favorite anime of the year?


As always I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any thoughts, ideas, or anything you would like to see here feel free to comment. If that does not work try to contact me through social media.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe

12 Days of Anime: Day 5 Not the Top 5 Openings

This is not the post that is my Top Five Favorite Opening Themes as voted by the community for Top Fives return, which is this Friday. This one is dedicated to one opening theme per season from this year. So, before I begin, happy holidays and have a nice day.

Winter Season: Death Parade

I love this song. One of the best parts to the show. I love the opening themes and if a show has a bad one I do find it hard to watch it. This is mostly because I do not feel like skipping ahead at the start. The ending theme is a different story, which I skip. Death Parade has that nice guitar that is just so nice to hear.

Spring Season: DanMachi

This one was difficult there were so many that I really liked from this season. It was really between Rinne and DanMachi. Both were very enjoyable. At first with this it sounds like it will start off soft, but by the end it just picks up into something really enjoyable and fitting for the show.

Summer Season: Monster Musume

Another difficult one between this and Jitsu wa Watashi wa, both series I really like, both manga series I really like, and I am glad I did both for weekly reviews. It was really enjoyable. One thing that I like about this one is there are seven versions out. One for each of the girls, excluding Lala, and the one used for the series which is all together. It was really enjoyable seeing it for the first time.

Fall Season: One-Punch Man

This opening reminds me of a mixture of two of my favorite bands ACDC and Led Zepplin. Somewhere towards the end it just reminds me of them. The song is just amazing from start to finish. Although I only saw 3 episodes of One-Punch Man and plan on marathoning it comes Sunday. I have heard it so many times to the point where it is not funny.


So, yeah. What are your favorite opening themes from this year? Another day where I am curious.

Also I do not own any of the music used. All Youtube clips where uploaded by there respective owners.


As always I hope you enjoyed.

As I mentioned feedback on what you would like to see for these series of posts would be appreciated. It will take a few posts before a set form and it might change depending on the series as well too. The same goes for any suggestion for anything you would like to see here.

The Reviewer’s Corner has an official twitter, which is here. All updates, polls, and information on posts and future posts can be found there.

If you are a blogger who focuses on anime, manga, or comics and make you blog known feel free to visit the blog roll page and leave a message.

Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Review

danmachi title

For all intended purposes instead of using the English title for the rest of the review I will simply say DanMachi. It is also known as Familia Myth, but still DanMachi is easier and quicker to type. So despite the fact that this is coming out over a month after I said I was getting out, but I have taken a different approach to reviews, and that is plan out which ones I would like to do, then ask Twitter either the day before or of when I want to get it out. That way I get to do a series I would like to review, and you guys get to choose which one comes out. I did this with the Ben-To review. More than likely will do it for reviews to come. Anyway enough about all that, let’s get started in this Fantasy Comedy that seemingly was a popular choice from the Spring 2015 season.

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Top Five Dudes of Winter and Spring Season 2015

top 5

Well, remember earlier in the week when I did Top Five Best Girls and how I made this insanely long list of reasons on how I determine who the best girl is. Well for best guy it is simple. So simple in comparison that this filler words that I am doing right now is even longer than the explanation on how it is decided. It is so simple, well I am going to stop and just cut to the chase. If I find them interesting in any way, I like them. Simple as that. So without further ado time to start.

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Top Five Series from Spring 2015

top 5

Well, here is I guess the counterpart to earlier in the week’s post about the Winter Series. So, although some shows are wrapping up next week or the following, while some will continue, I guess I cannot be one hundred percent certain for these series I am about to do since for all I know they could end terribly, ask for a second season and never get one, or something along those lines. So, I guess the shows I am about to say, are good, as of right now. I think I am going to hold off on ones that will continue on until September, so there is that, I guess. I am also going to say no series that have had a previous season, just to mix things up.

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Mid-Season Spring 2015 Impressions

Well, I would like to begin with how I liked my approach for this season when doing the impressions. Unlike last time, then again hardly anyone followed my blog back then, I actually did do a half way update. I will also add since some of the shows currently on here are scheduled for a two cour, I will talk about them in depth on my thoughts for them come the Mid-Season Summer part. Alright time to begin. Random pictures from random shows will be spread throughout some will be for the ones that I will be more focused on, mostly not.

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My Stand on Anime and Manga Controversies

After reading several of these posts scattered throughout the blogging community, some (as in the only three I read) done by my friends Miharu, Kai, and OG-Man (Who got the original concept by Foxy and Nekochi at The Beautiful World).  It also occurred to me, thanks to Miharu, that I should have linked these from the start to give them the proper credit they deserve for giving me the idea to do this. For me I view this in multiple ways to begin with, namely the fact that this is of course an opinion. Everyone has the right to one and although we may disagree by the end of the day we can agree on the fact that we live anime or manga and share that in common. The other thing is that this can help get a better understanding where I am coming from when it comes to some content that I review from time to time to know if anything plays a role in what I do. Personally I like this sort of thing since it gives insight on the individual.

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DanMachi First Impression

This is also known as Is it Wrong to try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

So, this is the first of the five I said I would do first impressions for for the spring season. All will be coming out on different days. Also they will not be out the day the show originally aired, mostly because I do not want two posts in a day and it also gives time for people to see it for themselves. I will start off by talking about what the episode was about. My overall thoughts. Then ending with a brief talk about the shows I watched already before this one.

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