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I Go To My First Con

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Top Five Superhero Films

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So, with this post ends the Superhero themed month. There are a lot of films I have seen. Before I was into anime I was into comics, before I was into comics I was into films, a lot. I but although I do not remember all the films I have seen, a fair amount and very few where superhero films. To make this a little interesting, although there are not many that come to mind and some I only saw once, while others I wish to see so they are not on this list (Kick Ass). So, same old same old without further ado let’s get started.

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Top Five Superheroes and Villains

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Alright, with this month being superhero themed, mostly due to the fact Age of Ultron came out, here is the first post half way through the month that deals with this theme. I was a comic book fan way before I was ever into anime and manga, so I when making this blog I wanted to make it about that stuff too, well I only got 1 posts, well 2 now, out of a little over 100 dedicated to anime and manga. Good news is I have several things planned to go with this month, so there is that. Also with the fact that this Top Five was supposed to come out last week, but a 12 page paper said otherwise this will be a double Top Five. I will be counting down 5 different superheroes and 5 different villains. I would like to add since I am not really into DC Comics, there will be little perhaps none on this list that relate to it, sorry Marvel fan boy is here writing this. I am also doing this different from my last double top five, which was all the way back in January, where it will be two separate lists.

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