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Love Tyrant Ep 1 Review:  Yanderes and Kiss Notes

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KonoSuba S2 Ep 1 Review: Kazuma goes to Prison

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Ep 4 Review: Butt Battles is a Serious Sport

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Keijo!!!!!!!! Ep 1 Review: Nothing BUTT sports here


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KonoSuba Ep 1 Review- The Useless Goddess and the Shut-in

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Gundam Iron Blood Orphans First Impressions

Gundam title thingy

Why can I not think of a non-embarrassing way to talk about mecha anime? This is my third attempt now. Not going to start why or what that was. Just never mind. I will say it was a sort of rant. But I decided to change it due to it being embarrassing and the rest is mostly a rant in some form or another anyway with a valid reason.

I also am having a really hard time trying to think of a witty way to talk about this one. I have to say the last two first impressions I really enjoyed how I set them up and delivered it. Looks like I couldn’t do that for a third time without embarrassing myself. But writing is without errors, so, although this was me mostly talking about something that no one will read, and you are probably now question what exactly was so embarrassing that I talked about that made me delete it, too bad and let’s begin.

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Monster Musume Episode 1 Review

Musume title 1

So, like I said with the Actually I am review. I have not decided on which to review yet. I was a little worried when it came to this series, but I will say after this episode the worry is gone. Anyway I am minimizing the talk on the plot and bringing up a new part where I talk about the manga in the end. As for which series I will continue to do a weekly review, I am going to do my best to keep both for a bit since the Top Five posts will be done for a few months to gather ideas.


So I will say this is the most anticipated show for me this season. So, with that said, well, I guess I will leave what I am thinking for that section for my overall thoughts on the episode. Not really sure what to say since, well I do not really know what to say other than the fact I have been reading the manga for almost two years now so I know this series fairly well. I have also read it several times too. This is a harem series so let me laugh for a second since I am doing a plot section. Alright now we can begin.

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Actually I am Episode 1 Review

i am a title

Before I begin the typical filler starting point I am going to do this and Monster Musume episode 1 reviews and then decide what to do from there. On another note the plot will be less described and I will talk about comparing it to the manga after the score that I would give.

Well, of the manga that is my favorite it is a close tie for the fifth spot being either Actually I am and Monster Musume. Luck would have it for both series starting to air in the same summer season. Now Actually I am looks like a harem, and from the opening people might think it is as well, but it is not. This series despite having a more female cast it is more comedy than anything, the romance element is more of a side thing. So, with that said let’s get started with the first episode review of Actually I am a, in Japanese known as Jitsu wa Watashi wa.

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Classroom Crisis First Impressions

There are other series I will touch on at the end, the main focus is Classroom Crisis.

Classroom Crisis

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