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Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!

Top Five Magical Girl Series Revisited

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Top Five Anime Moms

In that half-awake state after being awake for an hour during the week, I can be a little random. I am even more random from 10-midnight on the weekends. At the same time I can screw myself over. This was one of those things waking up during the week I did a poll. It did very well, so I just screwed myself over. Plus I mean since joining twitter I gained the odd obsession with anime moms. So to be a man of my word, here are the Top Five Anime Moms for Mother’s Day. Continue reading “Top Five Anime Moms”

12 Days of Anime: Day 8 I watch too much Magical Girl Shows

So, let me see I am just going to start listing off all the magical girl series that are on the top of my head that I watched this year alone. This is in no particular order. I watch a lot. So I am probably just going to talk about my favorite characters.

  • Go Princess PreCure
  • Smile PreCure
  • Happiness Charge PreCure
  • Sailor Moon
  • Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha As
  • Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha StrickerS
  • Maigcal Lyrical Girl Nanoha ViVid
  • Fate/Prisma Season 3
  • Madoka Magica

Those are all the ones that I remember. In total adding them up taking into account of the ones I did not finish. Or where airing weekly from the year before and finished this year. You are looking at well over 100 episodes. Just from the ones I remember.

DB Super time

My favorite of all these is Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha StirckerS. It is my favorite of the franchise. I really wish they gave ViVid an original ending since it is basically saying go read the manga. There is also the lack of Best Girl and Best Yuri Couple Fate and Nanoha in it. StirkerS you got to see them as an adult and there were just so many interesting characters that appeared. It was the more magical battle one and a lot more build up since it had double the episodes then its first two seasons.

Be Careful

So, let it be said Nanoha and Fate will always be my favorite magical girls in terms of an anime and just in general as characters. Madoka Magica has nothing on them, even if that series was amazing. Plus added bonus of Fate being voiced by one of my favorite VA/Idols Nana Mizuki.

Nanoha and Fate

Then let me seeing. Prisma I did not finish. I don’t know why. Probably because I don’t like the mixture of ecchi and lolis. I am leaning towards that. I could take two seasons. But this season they really kicked up the yuri to uncomfortable levels more so than previous seasons.

the mask

Sailor Moon I have yet to finish. Crystal I still has two more episodes. But so far Mars and Mercury are my favorite also Jupiter.  Just really wish the second half was a lot better. I really enjoyed the first half of the show, despite the ending for the first arc. I do not like how instant the relationship happened the second they regained their past memories, I could understand and would prefer if it happened over time, just not instant.

Go Princess PreCure I have been falling behind. But Clueless Princess is best princess, aka Towa or Cure Scarlet.

Smile PreCure, if you seen my twitter time line you probably seen the image I used for the feature one often. Yayoi or Cure Peace is my favorite. She is probably one of my favorite of all PreCure too. She likes superheroes and comics and stuff like that. She is a total geek and adorable. I am too afraid to watch the English adaptation known as Glitter Force in fear of now, whatever her English name is getting ride of what makes me like her.

to the weeb cave

So, before this post gets any weirder, I am ending it here. But what are your favorite Magical Girl series?


As always I hope you enjoyed.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on these posts.  Have any suggestions for anything   you would like to see here feel free to comment as well.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe

Mid-Summer Season Impressions 2015

So, yeah, wow, this season is already half way over. Of course it is a bit more than the half way point. Much like last season where I talked about the shows I was watching and what not. I will do the same thing again. First going over what I did for my first Impressions then what ever else I am watching. I will be using the English names out of convenience. So heads up on that. As for the shows, even though I will say this, I am curious on your thoughts for all the ones I talk about, and even ones that I have not mentioned since some might be worth going to watch at a later date.

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Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Review

fate stay night ubw logo

Before I begin this covers everything, season one and two, since I see it as the same series just split. This, if you do not already know is a sort of remake. It is a remake of the film version from 2010, and the 2006 version covered the Fate route, by the name this one covers the Unlimited Blade Works route. So although it shares a similar beginning, it is a different story with the same characters as the Fate route. I will do my best to judge it accordingly since there is too much Rin in the Rin route and not enough Saber in this fantasy series. As always with my series reviews they are relatively spoiler free.

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Fate Top Five Girls

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Pre Summer Season 2015 Impressions

So, it is that time again where I talk about the first impressions of the season. I really like how I set it up last season so I am going to do that again this season as well, where I pick five series, and my thoughts just by going off of the summery of the plot. Although last season I did say I am going to avoid doing this with series where I know the source material I am making an acceptation to one series since it was one that I would have liked to review, but am still sort of up in the air for. So, for that series, I am thinking of doing an episode 1 review instead of impression. I will explain why come the reveal, which has already been revealed in the summer update for my new weekly review. Much like last time I will be talking about the series around episode 6 or 7 on a single post on my midway impressions. Before I say what else I am thinking about checking out this season I will give updates on the two ongoing shows from last season and my thoughts now.


God Eater:

This series is another game adaptation. Game adaptations have only worked in two cases for me, the first being Hyperdemention Neptunia, the other being KanColle. But I am very hopeful for this series with the people in charge. People that worked on not one but two series that are in my top ten, one in which is Fate/Zero for people that worked on it, Fate/Stay Night UBW company Ufotable is the studio, and more people that also worked on Kara no Kyokai are doing this series. The plot sounds solid, the people who working on it sound solid, the company making it sounds solid. The only thing getting in my way for enjoying this series is the fact it is a game adaptation. So, hopefully it does not feel like it is a game like the other series and that I can watch this one as much as I want to.

god eater logo

 Classroom Crisis:

I was burned last season with Plastic Memories and even going onto praising it. Too bad after episode one it was all downhill. The only other original series I saw from the spring season was Punch Line, which although the beginning did not give any promises, every following episode sure did. I like my friend Nick’s idea when it comes to this series, ClairS is doing the opening and they haven’t done an opening for a bad series yet. So, hopefully this is true. Since ClairS is amazing when it comes to opening themes. Yet, I seem to have poor luck with original series, unlike series with a source material it will be unknown if it will be good or bad at the end. Unlike Plastic Memories I hope I can go in with this series a skeptical mind till I know if this series will be good down the road. The plot sounds good, so I am willing to take a chance and hope for the best on this one, the only concern I have for it before it begins is the fact the studio does not look like it has much making it even more unknown if this will be good. But I will hope for the best.

classroom crisis logo

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime:

A shojo series. I see the manga every now and again, although I never read it. It sounds interesting and well it sounds like a romance shojo series. Kind of similar to The World is Still Beautiful, which I loved. So although you can never go into a series expecting it to be similar since it shares a genre, I hope it is good to say the least. I also could not find a preview for this one, which unlike the others means that the image that is used is the manga cover.

snow white red hair

Joukamachi no Dandelion (Castle Town Dandelion):

This was actually one series I wanted to check out back when it was announced in I think October or November area. I do not remember. It sounds interesting and from the preview that I saw for the series it looks good. It is by a company that helped with Unlimited Blade Works, Date A Live II, although just because that company helped does not mean this series will be good. Hopefully it will be an interesting comedy series.


What I might be Reviewing Weekly


Monster Musume or Jitsu Wa Watashi wa:

(Jitsu wa Watashi wa has two different names, Actually I am a…. or My Monster Secret both names are correct, the second is what the manga will be called in the US come next January and Cruchyroll is streaming it as the first name)

I brought up both series before. The second is a fall guy in case I do not feel so comfortable with Monster Musume reviews. That and finding images might be a pain. It has been a conflict to know which one I should do for some time. In both series cases I have been into the manga before the anime was announced. Monster Musume I have been into since 2013 and have all the manga volumes those are out to date. As for Jitsu Wa Watashi, although my original problem was the concept art looking too generic and ruins that art from the manga, I am a little more pleased after seeing the preview for both of these series actually. Now regardless of which one I pick for the weekly review, for all I know I will do both and just make the reviews shorter. The other will get a full series review once it is done. Either way both will have an episode one review, and I will chose which one I feel confident about doing a weekly review for, or what people would like to see, or maybe say screw it and do both but make weekly reviews shorter. Since my biggest problem is they take a lot more time than a normal series review. I probably should mention that with the fact that I am running out of Top Fives and might take a break for a few months, and I feel comfortable doing shorter weekly reviews, then I may in fact do both, I do not know but there are no promises for this.


So, before I go over what I plan to watch before ending on my thoughts for the other continuing shows, please tell me which of the two you would be more inclined to read a weekly review for, since I do want to not only make you guys, but me happy with the choice of those two.


Shows that I am checking out:

The ones in bold I know want to check out, italics are uncertain but am willing, the normal ones are either sequels or ones I know I will watch regardless since I either read the source or like I said they are sequels and I enjoyed the previous.


  1. Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Sen’eki
  2. Charlotte
  3. Dragon Ball Super (might wait for dub)
  4. Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei Herz!
  5. Gatchaman Crowds insight
  6. Gate:Jueitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
  7. Kuusen Madoushi Kousei no Kyoukan
  8. Non Non Biyori Repeat
  9. Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX
  10. Shimoneta To lu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taijutsu no Sekai
  11. Sore ga Seiyuu (I know a person that worked on Hyate the Combat Butler manga also worked on the source)
  12. Idolmaster Cinderella Girls second season
  13. To Love Ru Darkness (4th season and was the first ecchi harem I ever saw so much nostalgia with this one)
  14. Overlord
  15. Rokka no Yuusha


Well compared to other seasons this one seems to be on the lighter side for the amount I pick up. about of the sequels, three are second seasons two are third and one is a forth, not counting DBZ since I am uncertain if I will watch it unless it is dubbed, that and it is supposedly getting 100 episodes. Also, I think Sailor Moon Crystal season 2 starts, as in just continues. Fairy Tail, and Gintama as well as a few continuing so it is still not 20 and lower than normal. I have too much free time. that was when I forgot to add the five from earlier making it more than 20. Silly me.


So, I guess now it comes down to talking about Rinne and Soma and my thoughts on them as of right now since they are still going to be ongoing through the summer and I did first impressions for them back in April.



I have brought it up several times that Rinne is one of my favorite this season. It is really enjoyable, and I still stand by my statement that if you enjoyed InuYasha or Ranma ½ (although I did not see the second series I mentioned) then more than likely you will enjoy Rinne since the source material is by the same author. I do like it more than InuYasha characters, specifically the main ones, are a lot less annoying.


Shokugeki no Soma:

There was a time where I did stop watching this show for a few weeks, but that was before the mid-season impressions. Since then I have not missed a week, and at most watched the episode the day after it came out, most of the time it is the night it comes out. This is also one show I need to make sure I have a snack before or during since it just makes me think about wanting to eat. If you are dieting then this series is not for you. So, I enjoy it and look forward to it weekly so hopefully it will stay that way till the end.


So that wraps just about everything up. I am curious on what shows you are thinking about checking out. This season does feel sequel filled which is unfortunate for some people’s cases. Does this season come off that way?


So, which ever show airs first, hopefully these posts will be out either the day after the episode comes out, unless of course there are two that come out on the same day, it is not licensed and waiting for fansubs happens so I probably will not talk about it, although the ones I care for so far are, so there should be no worry.

Keep forgetting to do this, but if you cannot leave me comments here feel free to leave some on twitter.


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