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Top Five Antagonists

Originally I was thinking of having this open to superhero comics as well, but I already did that in a post a super long time ago. So, I am just going to leave this to manga and anime. It will mostly be anime though. It will probably all be anime though.

An antagonist is a very important role. They are the opposite of the main character, or sometimes they are the same. The hero is only as great as his villain and a villain is as only great as a hero. However an antagonist can be the hero and the protagonist can be a villain. So without further ado, let’s get started, sort of. Continue reading “Top Five Antagonists”

Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Review

fate stay night ubw logo

Before I begin this covers everything, season one and two, since I see it as the same series just split. This, if you do not already know is a sort of remake. It is a remake of the film version from 2010, and the 2006 version covered the Fate route, by the name this one covers the Unlimited Blade Works route. So although it shares a similar beginning, it is a different story with the same characters as the Fate route. I will do my best to judge it accordingly since there is too much Rin in the Rin route and not enough Saber in this fantasy series. As always with my series reviews they are relatively spoiler free.

Continue reading “Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Review”

Fate Top Five Girls

Continue reading “Fate Top Five Girls”

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