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Twin Star Exorcists Ep 1 Review- It Doesn’t Suck to go Original

Yes, while everyone is reading this when I return from my hiatus I am writing this after watching the first ep the day it aired. You know what that means? I have somehow successfully fought the urge to upload this right away and lasted a month. Alright so what is now my favorite show after first impressions of this season, time to get started maybe?

I will be going a little light on covering the plot for the first 4 episode reviews, since they been out for some time. Starting with episode 5 it will return to the normal format.

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Fire Emblem Fates Post Series 1: Unboxing Special

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Winter 2016 Mid-Season Impressions

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Dimension W First Impressions

dimesion w titleWell, that was enjoyable. Simple as that. Well, alright maybe I should talk a bit more about my thoughts on the first episode instead of saying simple as that. One because it is me and I never make it as simple as that and two it is me and leaving it as simple as that is boring.
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Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon First Impressions

35th platoon anime logo

When coming across Asterisk wars having the magical high school generic-ness and the harem generic-ness, I actually enjoyed it. Then when it comes to Anti-Magic Academy it to has the same qualities, only much more so to the point where it felt as the writers were injected by some sort of “Let’s do every single cliché ever in an episode one” wonder drug. But due to this, does it mean that this could be a contender for one show that has somehow gone beyond the generic-ness level and transcended into something more…….whoops probably meant that last sentence to be for Asterisk War. Anyway time to begin. Continue reading “Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon First Impressions”

Gundam Iron Blood Orphans First Impressions

Gundam title thingy

Why can I not think of a non-embarrassing way to talk about mecha anime? This is my third attempt now. Not going to start why or what that was. Just never mind. I will say it was a sort of rant. But I decided to change it due to it being embarrassing and the rest is mostly a rant in some form or another anyway with a valid reason.

I also am having a really hard time trying to think of a witty way to talk about this one. I have to say the last two first impressions I really enjoyed how I set them up and delivered it. Looks like I couldn’t do that for a third time without embarrassing myself. But writing is without errors, so, although this was me mostly talking about something that no one will read, and you are probably now question what exactly was so embarrassing that I talked about that made me delete it, too bad and let’s begin.

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Heavy Object First Impression

heavy object title

Before I begin I will like to say at the end I will briefly talk about a few others shows that I saw. So it is not just all about Heavy Object.

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God Eater First Impressions

god eater title

Before I begin, much like the last few there will be some other series briefly mentioned at the end for what else I watched, although there is not much.

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Castle Town Dandelion First Impressions

This series is also known as Joukamachi no Dandelion. At the end I will be going over several other shows, although the main focus will be towards this one. Sorry this one came out later than expected, been a little busy the last few days.

castle town dandlion

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