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Today’s Menu for the Emiya Family Final Episode Review: Goodbye to Good Food

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Ben-To Review

ben to title

There was problems with this series getting a physical release in English and word about it getting a dub was all the way last year over a year ago. That was the first time hearing about this series for me. Time and time again I ran into either a new season or a show I wanted to check out more. This show has been on my to watch list since then, and much like some of the older shows I will soon be reviewing, this one finally I was able to watch. The question is was waiting over a year and finally getting around to it worth it for this comedy action series? So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Gourmet Girl Graffiti Review

Well, out of all the shows I posted in the poll, this was the second one voted by the community. The first one if anyone is curious was Saekano, which the review went out back a few months. So, unlike the previous series this one takes more of a pleasant Slice-of-Life Comedy where there is no need to plow on through but let it settle for a bit between episodes. So begins the review for Food Porn the Animation, sorry that is now Shoguki no Soma, Gourmet Girl Graffiti.

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