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Monster Musume Final Episode Review

musume title 12

No, it is over, why it had to end already? The season went by so quickly. I just do not want this show to end. Well at least there is the manga that I get to look forward to as I cope with this show ending.

After giving myself the night to cope with the fact that this show is now over as well as getting a few possible rumors a second season is in the works, but I will discuss that at the very end on my thoughts of a potential second season and when it would or could happen.

So, besides the beginning of this review being a little longer than normal, and as always or well for the second time anyway, I will do my thoughts on the full season at the very end after I am done focusing on this episode. Focusing on this episode will contain spoilers as always. But if you skip that you can get into the spoiler free portion which focuses on the series as a whole. So, without further ado, let’s get started on the final review for this harem, ecchi, rom-com.

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Yamada and the Seven Witches Final Episode Review

Yamada Title

Now, here is where I congratulate myself for finishing my first weekly review series. I made it, sure it was a little bumpy in the middle where I did two episode reviews instead of one, but I still did it and managed to do it all the way through. I aim to change it up next time for the next weekly review series. Anyway I will talk a bit more at the end. So, I will also give my score for the series as a whole. Without more distractions, time to get started for the final time in this RomCom Body Switching series.


As always with weekly reviews it will contain spoilers. However since this is the final episode I am doing a bit of what I normally do for a full series review. If you would like to know the thoughts I suggest skipping the plot section.

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