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Guardians of the Galaxy

Top Five Superhero Films

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So, with this post ends the Superhero themed month. There are a lot of films I have seen. Before I was into anime I was into comics, before I was into comics I was into films, a lot. I but although I do not remember all the films I have seen, a fair amount and very few where superhero films. To make this a little interesting, although there are not many that come to mind and some I only saw once, while others I wish to see so they are not on this list (Kick Ass). So, same old same old without further ado let’s get started.

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Agents of Shield Season 1 and 2 Discussion


In all honesty I was debating on whether to do this one or the Marvel Cinematic Universe discussion first, but this series is more than likely less known to people who just watch the films and I figured I will start here before branching off into the Marvel Cinematic Universe Discussion.

I will say this as well before I begin, but this will contain spoilers for all Marvel films, this includes Age of Ultron, possibly, as well as the more obvious Agents of Shield, which the season just recently ended. So, you have been warned.

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