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March Update: Difficult Choice (Hiatus post)

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Hiatus Post Reminder Thing

Yeah, so, by the title, and the serious feature image. I am taking the hiatus. But I will be back May 1st. Where posts will probably be coming out daily for almost two weeks. So there is some good to come from it. So yay. Continue reading “Hiatus Post Reminder Thing”

March and April Update: Hiatus Inbound

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Important Pre-Summer Update 2

ep 6 2        Well, remember when I did the last one and I said I would be working at the factory with my dad over the summer and how I get exhausted and it can be a little hard for me to work on my stories and what not. Well, apparently the factory my dad works at is not accepting people to work this summer, which means I cannot work there this summer. Although at the same time I know my dad is looking for a new job so since a whole lot of problems and this might be my parents way of telling me that they really don’t want me to work there and are telling me I need to work somewhere else. But anyway back to what this means for this place.

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