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I, Think Ahead 6 Months

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Top Five Least Favorite Anime

top 5

My first Top 5 was on my favorite anime. Over a year has passed since that post and I personally am surprised I did not think about doing this theme earlier. One thing that bugs me is the word hate; I prefer to use dislike since hate is a strong word. However some of this anime on this list I will have to say I hate them, because that is how things are. Now with the topic of Least Favorite Anime, I am setting a few ground rules:

  • The show has to be seen in full, unless dropped in a later season
  • There can be no comparison to the manga, at the time of watching the show
  • No, because it was stupid answer

So with those rules out of the way without further ado let’s get started.


Number 5: Rosario + Vampire

So, those that been following my blog for some time this series being on this list is probably no surprise what so ever. What surprises me is that it is in the number 5 spot. Originally it was not even going to be on the list. Much like the number 4 it is a mild dis-like for various reasons. This series was in my top 10 favorite anime when I first watched it. It was in the first year of watching anime, so that might explain why. But it held its spot for almost a year, even when it did not and other great shows came in, it slowly fell down the list. Then checking the manga out happened.

Most of my dislike for this series stems from the fact of what they did not do that the manga did. Time and time again I mentioned that after reading the manga, which I would love to own, that the anime if they followed the manga to the nail it would be a great series. It is dark, shenen action, with little harem antics. It was a harem ecchi manga without feeling like it was a harem or ecchi manga. This series was why I added the “At the time of watching the show for manga comparison.”

A little off track, but the anime, although I have not watched it since my first view, a part of me is wondering if I would enjoy it like I first did. It is a stupid fun harem ecchi series. Although if I watch it I probably would just get annoyed about the fact of what they had with the source, one of the very few times where I will complain about it.

Inner_moka being awesome


Number 4: The Testament of Sister New Devil

This show is stupid, is what I would like to say. The rules in place do not make it that simple. Let me see. This falls under the same category of the previous one. One thing I really liked about the series was the heroes and demons concept and the magic element of that sort. I thought those concepts were thought out and well defined. They were enough that made me watch more and come back after the second cour or season or whatever appeared. Now let’s talk about everything wrong that made me not watch pass the second episode in season 2. Although a part of me does wish to finish this series.

The characters are terrible. Mio has no defining qualities what so ever. The only two characters that have remote personality and not some flat easily submissive character are Maria and barely the main character Basara. The fact that ecchi situations are ninety percent of this show and it is basically a hentai and I still cannot believe I am saying this “More ecchi than High School DXD.” The show has no real direction what so ever at all. The battles may be interesting, but there is no real need for them or build up to them with all the ecchi situations that happen before and after them. It is just frustrating in that aspect.

As for the characters and plot, or the lack thereof, I really think it is on the writer’s part on the source material. The reason for that will be explained later; because this is not the only series they wrote that is on this list.

troll you

Number 3: Aldnoah. Zero

This series is pushing hate. First cour was brilliant. It was just so well done, written, and everything. The ending was perfect too, until the second cour happened. This series I am not wasting any time to get right down to why I do not like this series. The series did not need to continue, with the main characters. But no, after killing every one of them off in the first half they all magically survived and returned in the second cour. That is what annoys me. Then the characters lost seemingly everything that made me remotely like them in the first half and do a 180 in personality which made it worse. If the show did not do any of that at the start mostly, the killing of the main characters at the half way point I might have enjoyed the second half enough to watch more than 7 episodes into the second cour or season or whatever. That is what frustrates me. They had it so well written and had great people writing, they just did a terrible job with it. I hear so many complaints about this show so I am not surprised I am complaining about it either. This show frustrates me to even thinking about it how to write more about it.

Aldnoah.Zero pic

Number 2: Samurai Flamenco

Now I am getting into the shows I hate.

I loved the first 6 episodes of the show. It gave off the feel that anyone can make a difference. It does not matter. The characters were also enjoyable as well. Then episode six happened and shocked me like crazy. Then it became a real Sentai type series. At first I did not like the idea I will admit it surprised me and it turned into something somewhat enjoyable. But then it did not stop.

It felt like after that first main villain was defeated the show did not know where to go from there. The monsters and plot became more and more ridiculous. I do not remember how it ended, but in all honesty I stuck through it since the beginning got my attention and I had hope that it might turn back somehow. But it did not.

The twists continued to get more and more ridiculous with each passing episode and with each episode the loss of what really is the plot for the show became apparent. The show has great concepts on what a hero is; it was funny, and entertaining. It just did a terrible job at presenting the story. I believe good characters can make up for a bad plot. I also believe that no matter how good the characters are they cannot save a plot that has no idea what the plot is. Such as the case with this show.

I will admit I thought the final arc was good, to some extent, from what I remember. Yet, either way I have no idea what was on the minds when they were trying to do this weekly. I think the show should have ended in twelve episodes in some way rather than be the 22 or 24, since I cannot remember.

I am not sure how I would feel if I tried to watch it again after all this time. The last year of blogging opened up my eyes on what good anime are. I could see myself perhaps enjoying it or maybe even hating it more if I were to try again. I really do not know. My mind became more critical no matter what anime I try to watch. Sometimes I can shut my brain off, but that is not always the case.

Samurai-flamenco hero suit

But enough about those, time to talk about the series I hate. Even though I say I hate Samurai Flamenco, there are still things I like. Yet, with the number one spot it goes to one where I cannot even think of anything that can save it.


terrible person
Because this post is a Rant, sorry everyone.

If you thought the ones before were rants, you will be dead wrong with this one.


Number 1: Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

So, we all have things we like and things we do not. We all have things we do not like to see in anime. Now for me the perfect ball of everything I do not like in anime appeared in this anime. I myself question to this day what made me watch this show over two years ago. What exactly was on my mind? Well, besides wanting to watch a harem series I did not before this was the only one that fit the bill that caught my attention first. A part of me gave hope to it. A part of me questions why did I go back after two weeks of not watching it to watch the final two episodes despite not liking it. I think I wanted something to prove that I could finish it. I really do not know.

The main character is the type I do not like, cold, a jerk, and basically thinks he is all that. He treats the girls horribly and thinks it is okay since he is just doing it to help. This does not change the fact of what he did.

This series is by the same creator of the Number 4 spot The Testament of Sister New Devil. The fantasy elements are alright, but never really make an appearance. The ecchi is gross, considering one episode in its entirety revolves around the girls being locked into a room needing to go to the bathroom. They are forced to go after the main lead teases them a little too much.

The villain, if he could be called that was forgettable and just as much of a jerk as the hero, which isn’t saying much. I do not remember a lot about the series, I just remember a lot of the things I hated, since there were no good things to remember.

The final episode spent a whole 5 minutes at most taking out the villain only to build up for a second season it never got. That always frustrates me. I do not mind the, go read the manga endings. I do mind when they spend a whole episode building it up, much like Madoka Box, which was close to getting on this list because of it. But this show is far worse. Nothing was enjoyable and the ending itself also made the question for more non-existent.

This is one series that I will say, no matter what, I would never recommend to people. I would maybe recommend Samurai Flamenco, maybe. This series I would tell people to stay away from.

terrible anime

So, this was a first I have been embarrassed while writing my posts before but never so raged and frustrated this took me several times to write.


So, what are your least favorite anime?

As always with Top Fives I am looking for suggestions. I do give shout outs to those that thought of the idea.  They can be maid here, twitter (both personal and blog), and on the Top Five Page.

As always I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any thoughts, ideas, or anything you would like to see here feel free to comment. If that does not work try to contact me through social media.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe


12 Days of Anime: Day 2 Something Something OTP


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30 Day Manga Challenge Day 23

Day 23: Best manga villain

Zeref Angry Zeref smash
Zeref from chapter 220 of the manga.

Zeref from Fairy Tail easily. The villain is always important. A story can only be good as the villain and their goals. Without the villain a series can fall flat. Now, Zeref has a lot of levels to his character and was built up since way before he even made an appearance. The Lullaby arc, one of the first arcs dealt with a demon from Zeref’s book.

Before I go any further this will contain spoilers for the manga and major spoilers at that.

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