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Jitsu wa Watashi wa

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 6

Day 6: Your favorite character

am ep 6 5

Not sure why but whenever I think favorite character I always think the character has to be male. I am never sure why. I mean I label a lot of female characters as “Best Girl” but that seems like it is something different all together. So, now trying to set my mind that Best Girl falls into this category, it is still a little difficult to say who. Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 6”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 5

Day 5: A manga you would recommend to everyone

When it comes to recommending manga, this one is a very difficult one to do. Everyone likes different types of manga. Everyone has a favorite manga and a different reason why it is their favorite. Some people like shonen while others like shojo. So, picking a single manga to recommend to everyone is rather difficult.

I am just going to say Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Actually I am). However, if people are looking for a certain kind of manga, I will gladly do my best to recommend one that is more fitting for what you like.


Alright so let me explain why Jitsu wa Watashi wa (Actually I am). I did do a review of the anime, and the manga is up there for one of my favorites. I will admit it has problems were some chapters are not as funny as others. The anime put more focus on the romance aspect, which does not really take the full focus of the manga. The anime to me lacked that humor aspect that I really enjoyed in the manga. However, if a second season were to happen, which I doubt it would, the humor would pick up a lot more.

However if you are a person that enjoyed the anime but have not read the manga, I have to say go read the manga. The anime only covered around the first 30 chapters, and it is a weekly series with now almost 130 chapters at the time this post is going up. The manga you see a lot more humor, the relationship develop even more, and so much more. More than anything for the anime it should serve as a means to go read the manga in this case.

am ep 11 3

As I said if you are looking for a certain type of manga, I will gladly recommend some. If you wish to recommend any to me that would be appreciated too.

Day 4: A Character you are most like (or wish you were)

Day 6: Your Favorite Character

Actually I am Episode 12 and 13 Review

i am a title

Ok, so before I begin, school work prevented me from writing and watching episode 12. Then it became a matter of getting into some other shows, which by my twitter feed people probably know.

So, with all that said, this is going to cover episode 12 and 13 as well as do my thoughts on the series as a whole. So spoiler warning for the first two parts, but when I talk about the series as a whole it should be spoiler free. Since I watched 12 and 13 back to back, I am just going to mentally make it as a single episode for thoughts about it, anyway enough of that and time to get started.

Continue reading “Actually I am Episode 12 and 13 Review”

Actually I am Episode 11 Review

i am a title

I do not have a clue at this point for my thoughts for this series, sort of. The manga I love and so far the anime has proven that not all chapters for this series work in an anime form. At the same time I also have no idea how many episodes are there. I could have sworn it was 12, but after looking it up it says 13, and even that I do not know how accurate that is. So with two episodes remaining (possibly) I have no idea where exactly it will end or how for that matter, since I am forgetting what happened in the early chapters. Without further ado, like always spoiler warning and let’s get started.

Continue reading “Actually I am Episode 11 Review”

Actually I am Episode 10 Review

i am a title

So, before I get started there might be a small rant about this, mostly comparing the manga to the anime and what not. So, with that heads up you have been warned. I will do my best not to rant too much though. So yeah, not much other than that to say other than spoiler warning.

Continue reading “Actually I am Episode 10 Review”

Actually I am Episode 9 review

i am a title

With now only 3 episodes left it is starting to get harder and harder to determine where exactly they will finish this series. I have a feeling I know where, but what else will they do in that time before that little arc is beyond me. A part of me hopes it will somehow continue on and it just was not known that it would be more than 12 episodes. But oh well, time to get started. As always there may be spoilers since this is a weekly episode review and focuses on the episode itself.

Continue reading “Actually I am Episode 9 review”

Actually I am Episode 8 review

i am a title

Well this episode can be summed up fairly quickly so most of this will be focused on personal thoughts of the episode and thinking about the manga chapters that it relates to, since I remember them being up there for some of the more funnier chapters. Overall I will probably focus on my thoughts about anime and manga version of this series. So, there may be little spoilers not sure.

Continue reading “Actually I am Episode 8 review”

Mid-Summer Season Impressions 2015

So, yeah, wow, this season is already half way over. Of course it is a bit more than the half way point. Much like last season where I talked about the shows I was watching and what not. I will do the same thing again. First going over what I did for my first Impressions then what ever else I am watching. I will be using the English names out of convenience. So heads up on that. As for the shows, even though I will say this, I am curious on your thoughts for all the ones I talk about, and even ones that I have not mentioned since some might be worth going to watch at a later date.

Continue reading “Mid-Summer Season Impressions 2015”

Actually I am Episode 7 Review

i am a title

Well we are now seven episodes in, I have still yet to gone back and read the manga and what not to get of an idea how they will end this, I have a feeling, but I am uncertain about it. Anyway with that said there is not much to say here and ramble on like I normally do. So as usual with my weekly reviews it will contain spoilers for the episode.

Continue reading “Actually I am Episode 7 Review”

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