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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o!

Konosuba S2 Ep 6 Review: Kazuma Dies Again….For a Third Time


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12 Days of Anime Best of 2016 Day 9: Winter Anime

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Top Five Upcoming Anime 1

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KonoSuba OVA Review: My Wish is for it to be January already

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Winter 2016 Final Impressions

What happened? Seriously, I dropped a lot. I mean let me see what I completed, when I started to write about this. Erased, KonoSuba, umm, what else? That is it. So, what happened?

Alright so after a week since writing that opening time to talk about what happened exactly, since I did finish other shows.

So, school work is the main cause, I have class 5 days a week and 4 of those days are dedicated to homework. Plus not a lot was airing that I enjoyed. There are still some that I am about 3 episodes away from finishing and would still like to finish, but time to continue with my thoughts.

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KonoSuba Final Episode Review- Thankfully Season 2 has been Announced

Well, the final episode surely went out with a bang, and luckily season 2 has been announced. The last few anime seasons have been becoming slightly boring for me. However there is few in the bunch that are, well a “God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!” I could not help with that.  Anyway, I am glad that one series I set out to review weekly worked out and I could stick through it all. Weekly reviews are a learning experience. Comedies and staying away from original works seem to do best. But enough about that, let’s get started for the last time, for now, on this fantasy comedy. The review for the series as a whole is at the bottom. That is spoiler free.

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KonoSua Ep 9 Review- Beware of Crabs

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KonoSuba Ep 8 Review- Two Kinds of Wiz

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KonoSuba Ep 7 Review: Kazuma Dies Again

So, that title. Does that count as a spoiler? I mean it is a comedy so probably not really. I am not sure. It probably does though, just saying. So, yeah, not sure what else to say, but the series seems to become more enjoyable with each passing episode like Luck & Logic becomes less and less enjoyable each episode. With it getting closer and closer to the final episode, although that is still five more episodes, let’s get started.

The Plot:

As the title of this review suggests Kazuma dies. However the episode begins with him in a familiar world like episode one when he passed on. He questions if he really did die and is unsure exactly, although after a few seconds he realized he did.

konosuba ep 7 1

Flashing back some time Kazuma explains what happened after they beat Verdia. Winter soon came and his debt piled up more and more.

While Kazuma is annoyed by his debt, and Aqua not helping by complaining that Kazuma does not praise her more. He says she is the source of debt and wants to leave. This ongoing battle happens for a short time. Kazuma mentioning he nearly freezes to death at night. However now that Verdia is defeated the quests are plentiful, even more so since anyone who helped fight Verdia got a reward which will last them through winter.

konosuba ep 7 2

So, the group decides to go on a quest. A slight hint, (after reading what each light novel is about I knew, but I already assumed), of what the final boss in this arc will be, the group goes on a quest to hunt snow sprites. Kazuma is a little suspicious since Darkness is a little too excited for the fight.

The group gets into some winter clothing. Personally I think Megumin’s outfit looks the best of the three girls. Aqua comes in at a close second. Enough about the woman’s fashion. The sprit killing goes rather easy. Aqua wants to catch a few to save for later to make the food cold and drinks cold come summer time. For once her uselessness is thinking ahead.

konosuba ep 7 5So, Megumin decides to do her one-shot-one-kill-ultimate-super-attack, explosion. Which she proudly kills only 8 of the little sprits. She falls into the snow. But without another word a large snowstorm comes. The Winter Shogun, a creature that was brought here and abandon by someone who was reincarnated.  The Winter Shogun does not take to kindly to the killing of the cute fuzzy ball Snow Sprits.

Aqua apologizes for what she did and releases the ones she captured. Darkness gets rather pleased when Kazuma shoves her face in the ground. Although Kazuma is still rather annoyed that Megumin is playing dead. Kazuma goes to throw his weapon aside to apologize, although it is too late and he gets killed.

konosuba ep 7 6

Back to where the episode began Kazuma realized all this. A goddess appears before him and mourns for this death. She is rather kind, and her name is Eris. The name sounds familiar, well back in episode two when Aqua was trying to make money the goddess of the word, currency, and all that is Eris. That is the goddess before Kazuma.

konosuba ep 7 7

Eris tells Kazuma will be reborn into a nice, wealthy, and such a pleasant life in Japan. After a few seconds Kazuma has a teary eyed thing going realizing the world he just died in was not so bad, despite all its problems.

Just as she prepares Kazuma to go to his now third life in the series, Aqua interferes. She healed his body so he can come back. Eris says people can only be reborn ones. She is also referring to Aqua as Senpai. Although much like the line goes, Senpai does not notice her. Aqua insults her and even tells Kazuma to steal her breast pads if she does not let him go. Eris lets him leave.

konosuba ep 7 8

Back in the other world, Kazuma wakes up with the girls surrounding him. They abandon the quest and make their way home. Although realizing there is still the problem with their lack of funds, Kazuma, although annoyed about a lot in this world, is slightly content.

konosuba ep 7 10

Overall Thoughts:

I enjoyed this episode. It was about the same as last weeks. I think my most enjoyable one was episode 4 or 5.  But this one was rather fun in its own right. Between the problems that they now have to deal with and setting up more in this world, each passing episode makes me want to see more of it.

I did read what the plot for each novel is. It is one thing that saddens me is that we will only see a fraction of it. Despite all the laughs it does a wonderful job hinting at other parts of the world. Such as Eris, the Destroyer, and how there are plenty other people reborn from Japan there. The Winter Shogun showed off their impact. The show with the humor just blends it in so well it can be missed. This episode really demonstrated that perfectly.

As a whole though it might not of been the humor that I enjoyed this episode, since that is what I mostly look forward to, but the plot and seeing those subtle hints and realizing some made this episode much more fun.

A part of me is tempted to go back and rewatching, not thinking about the review or anything, just to see what other things I could have missed that I did not catch on the first time. To me it feels like there are more things out there. I do not know. For now this show has its little surprises that appear every once and awhile which makes it so much more fun.

Overall Enjoyment: 8.5/10

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on this episode.

As always I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any thoughts, ideas, or anything you would like to see here feel free to comment. If that does not work try to contact me through social media.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe

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