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Top Five Magical Girl Series Revisited

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Top Five Anime Moms

In that half-awake state after being awake for an hour during the week, I can be a little random. I am even more random from 10-midnight on the weekends. At the same time I can screw myself over. This was one of those things waking up during the week I did a poll. It did very well, so I just screwed myself over. Plus I mean since joining twitter I gained the odd obsession with anime moms. So to be a man of my word, here are the Top Five Anime Moms for Mother’s Day. Continue reading “Top Five Anime Moms”

The Favs 7: Madoka Magica

Well, it is that time once more where I talk about a favorite series of mine. This one I will admit probably has too much hype to it. If not for the fact that I like magical girl series, probably because they are nice, dramatic, and kind of relaxing, then this series is the total opposite. Either way I will be taking a different approach on a series that took a dark turn on typical light magical girl genre.

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Rinne no Lagrange Review

rinne no lagrange logo

Now before I normally begin my starting ramble I will be taking the series as a whole as part of this. This includes the second season and the OVA. The reason for this is due to this being an original series as well as it is a whole story. I will split the plot in half to mention both seasons. Also in English the name is Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne. Anyway over the summer I was watching a lot of shows. I a part of me still wanted to watch a mecha show, since I just finished one as well as a series that had that ever presence of feeling like it is summer. This mecha, action, comedy seems to fit.

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