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Spring 2016 Pre-Season Impressions

Hello, it is that time again where I look at what I will be watching, and announce what my weekly reviews will be for this new season. I would like to state that April I am taking a break from blogging. So, weekly reviews, although I have not decided if I will do individual posts or a three in one, probably the first one, they will be out at the start of May. I also will not be focusing on individual series like last time. I will put focus on two series however, but that will be for the first three episodes instead of first episode. Simply put it, there will just be this post, a three episode test, a mid-season impressions, and final impressions. So I guess it is time to begin. Continue reading “Spring 2016 Pre-Season Impressions”

Top Five Amazingly Bad Ass Characters

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30 Day Manga Challenge Day 29

Day 29: A manga you read that was just plain weird

musume 8 2            Next to last day and in all honesty I am a little disappointed when looking at this day. I mean a lot of them are weird and it really depends what you are looking for exactly. So, yeah, this one is a “I am going to change since it is pointless” day. The answer would be Monster Musume by the way if I decided to go with this theme.


Day 29: A Manga You Would Like People to Recommend to You Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 29”

Fate Top Five Girls

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Top Five Favorite Manga

top 5

Well, it has been awhile since I did a straight up favorite list for my Top Five. I mean one that is not right off the top of my head where I actually do not need to think about in order to know. Now, I will have a problem next time with the manga series that should get an anime, seeing that 3 of the five of them had gotten an anime announced in the last two months, so it should be interesting to see what I could do. Anyway, enough about next time and let me tell you about my favorite manga.

Number 5: My Monster Secret (Jitsu wa Watashi wa)

People might know this series for its second name, it was only announced about two weeks ago that it would be licensed by Seven Seas for an English release next year under the name My Monster Secret. Personally I am a fan of the naturally English translation Actually I am a… At the same time back two months ago an anime was announced for this year, making me super excited for it. I already know I will pick up the manga seeing that it is my top five. I even did the high pitch squeak when I am super excited. It was at the point where my mom in the other room had to begin questioning where she went wrong with her soon to be twenty two year old son. Enough about that though.

Anyway, I think I should go about explaining this series, since as of right now the only way to know about it is by reading the fan translations. Also, since the other series on this list have already had an anime adaptation I will not do it with the others. The same time there are a little over a hundred chapters out with only a little over 70 that jitsu_wahave been fan translated. I got back into this series about October. It was just a random stumble upon, and I do like comedy manga, although all that are on this list are either comedy or action or a little bit of both. This series is a simple rom com. Some people say this series is a harem, but can a series just be dominantly female in cast and still not be considered a harem, sure at one point three characters liked the main character, but now it is just down to two characters.

Again, before getting side tracked once more (Even though I discovered a new chapter was out and had to stop writing for a bit to read it) I think going over the plot for this particular series should be known. Asahi Kuromine is a terrible person when it comes to keeping secrets. So when he goes to tell his crush that he likes her only to discover she is a vampire with her wings sprouting from her back and fangs showing, things can get a little out of hand. If it was known she was a vampire she would have to go back home. The trouble does not stop there with the childhood friend constantly trying to get in his way, a classmate who turns out to be a small alien, a demon for a principle, and the charismatic pervert number two werewolf, who when is a werewolf turns into a boy. So many secrets and he has to keep it all. (That was the best I can due when it comes to trying to explain the plot).

The manga as previously mentioned is licensed for an English release for next year by Seven Seas. An anime is due out later this year, (Which I more then likely will talk about my thoughts about it at some point or another along with the recently announced Monster Musume anime).

Number 4: Brynhildr in the Darkness

The anime, please do not get me started how they tried to get 100 chaptersGokukoku_no_Brynhildr_Volume_1 (which is the first arc) in the 13 episodes. The series should have been a 24 episode series in order to give proper development for the characters. Anyway this series is by the same person who created Elfin Lied. I did read some of that series and enjoyed it. I read the manga for this one right after watching the first episode. I immediately fell in love with the manga. The thing about the anime is that about 40 chapters where shoved into the last two to three, and those episodes acted as if everything that where in those chapters happened. If you saw the anime, then you know what it is about. It does have its flaws, but this is one series that I would easily recommend the manga. If you do not really care, then then anime at least gives the sense of a complete series. If I did not read the manga, then my thoughts on the anime would be completely different, too bad I did not. Unfortunately this is the only series on this list that is not licensed. If it was I would defiantly pick it up like all the others on this list.

Number 3: Trinity Seven

So, again, running into the problem that the anime felt a little rushed. Personally if they did slow down there Trinity_Seven_volume_1would be a clear problem with it being to slow passed. I sort of wish they waited a year. That way they could have done a two cour. At the same time I only found out about this manga through the fact that the anime was be the same people that worked on the Index anime, which made me curious. When I am curious about an anime I want to check the manga out if possible, it turned out well so far with D-frag and Witchcraft works. The manga I do like a lot more, even though the anime spoiled me with how wonderful the art for it was. Okay, unlike Jitsu wa Watashi wa, this and Brynhildr in the Darkness are clearly harem series. Anyway one thing that I love about this series is the female characters. So many of them can just be worse than the main male lead in terms of what goes on. That is one thing that I love about this series is sometimes it is how they react to what happens. This series is going to be released by Yen Press later this year.

Number 2: Fairy Tail

Okay, so hopefully this is not a surprise that my favorite anime is on this list for my favorite manga. I did not start reading the manga until the first series of it ended. Even then I waited till the current arc ended, since I was FairyTail-Volume_1_Coverunsure what chapter they stopped at for the anime. The Tartarus as well as the current arc is amazing, I cannot wait till it gets animated. As of right now I have volumes 1 to 12. I want to get more, but the only store that has the manga only has volumes 1 to 12 and then 20 to 24 then 35 onwards. With me keeping the fact I am into anime and manga a secret and that one store that has the manga happens to be the place where my mom works, it is not like I can order to pick up in store (This whole story will be explained later this month). Anyway, I think the manga really spoiled me. My only problem with the first actual filler act, which was the Stary Sky one, was that the ending felt a little rushed. Great opening, everything was rather interesting. However this last one was just terrible, granted I would probably think that either way. But after reading the source material, watching the anime seems a little odd.  It is not really like this for any of the others, mostly because I read then watch and not the reverse. But, Hiro Mashima is easily my second favorite Mangaka and I really want to check out Rave Master. Unfortunately my favorite Mangaka none of his work is on this list, but a lot of it comes close. This manga is simulpub by Cruchyroll and is being released by Kodansha Comics

Number 1: (Do I even need to say it? But I will anyway.) Akame Ga Kill

I have said so many times that Akame ga Kill is my favorite manga. I was into the manga a whole month before the anime was announced. Surprisingly very few manga that I read, has yet to be an anime. The problem is Akame_ga_Kill_volume_1_coverthat in two weeks I will struggle for a Top five, since my number 1 with my luck with have an anime announced.

Anyway, enough about that distraction. Akame ga Kill, I have so much to say, that I am giving a discussion talking about my thoughts about this series and comparing it to Attack on Titan in the near future. This series when it comes to events happening, I do not see many happening. I have said time and time again for all I know they could kill Akame off next chapter just to throw everyone off, will they, probably not. Still there are so many twists that happen time and time again, which the anime pulled off super well in the final two episodes, which made me love it. It is the twists that made me love this manga. It was that one twist that made me love the anime. The anime did have an original ending, so if you enjoyed the anime, check out the manga. This manga is published by Yen Press, only one volume is out so far in English.

Well, that was my top five favorite manga, what are yours? Much like anime I am always looking for suggestions for manga. I like comedy and action mostly. In case anyone is curious, UQ Holder,  Monster Musume, Magi, The Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi), and Negima are in that order for 6 to 10.

Spring Break 2015 Challenge Part 2

So, it is the mid-week update for my Spring Break Challenge. My school projects, well one is a lot easier in one aspect, and I thought that was going to be the hardest part. That does not change the fact I still have three others that are due in a few days. At the same time, mostly because it is Spring Break, I find it hard to work on my two stories for Deviantart, and both were moved to getting new chapters next week so I can make sure that they are finished properly. My brother also became sick, so the time when I would have watched a lot of Gintama episodes when I have alone time at home, well did not happen since he was home. I like watching it on the big television. So, besides a lot of things not going my way and some being a pleasant surprise, here is where I am currently at.



Watch/ Read for Reviews

Love Live Season 2 ep 6/12 (High) Hopefully the review will be out sometime in the next two weeks.


Akame ga Kill Vol 1 (Reading as this is coming out and working on the review later tonight) The review will be out the 16th


Attack on Titan Vol 1 (Finished reading and working on the review tonight) The review will be out the 23th


Fairy Tail Vol 1 (Finished reading and working on the review tonight) The review will be out the 30st


Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 25 Have yet to start yet, again the review will probably be moved to the summer.


High School DXD Season 1 & 2 (These reviews will come out in the summer, and although I would like to start it before season 3 airs, more than likely I will watch all three simultaneously, which is my original plan.)


Shows that Continue or have Sequel in Spring Season


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho A’s ep 9/12

Priority: High


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho Strikers ep 26 (Have yet to start)

Priority: High


Gintama ep 91/265 (Will watch new season regardless)

Priority: I do not care, I will finish it whenever


Nisekoi ep 10/20 (It was an unintentional drop, but I want to finish it someday)

Priority: Low



Shows that are ongoing that I need to catch up


Adanoah Zero Second Cour ep 2/12 (Hopefully on Sunday)

Priority: High


Your Lie in April ep 15/22 (More than likely will start on Thursday)

Priority: High


Log Horizon ep 12/25 (Saturday, if not then later since I love watching this show in with more than 4 episodes and I might just binge watch it all the day of the final episode, or split it in half the week before the final)

Priority: High/Low/Whatever at this point


Yurikuma ep 7/12 (Slowly but surely) Only 9 episodes are out

Priority: Medium


Yatterman Night ep 5/12 This is one of my favorites this season and I do not want to make it an unintentional drop like Tokyo Ghoul was.

Priority: High


Yona of the Dawn ep 17/25 (Going back to school screwed me up since I watch it Wednesday morning, and I do not have that time for it anymore since my class is early)

Priority: Very High


The Testament to the Sister New Devil ep 5/12 (More than likely drop, see same problems as other creators source material work which I hated this is slightly better though may continue)

Priority: Low/Potential of Dropping it


So, besides a few status changes for the series, there is not much for me to say here. Really my school work is the biggest challenge, as well as me playing Minecraft and Pokémon, that get in the way of watching more shows. So, with that said, if I come close to my goal, I will be happy. The next part will be out on Monday, the day Spring Break is over.

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 22

Day 22:  Favorite Weapon, Gear, or Armor used in an Anime

Again, this sort of falls into the category I am unsure of. So, when I think of this the series with the most weapons, gear, or armor that comes to mind is Akame ga Kill. At the same time Magi comes to mind. So, for this I will choose a weapon, Amon’s Sword from Magi, and an Armor, Incursio from Akame ga Kill. Now I proceed to talking about them both.

amon sword

Well, Amon’s dijinn equip for starters, just looks cool. At the same time itself just the normal sword is the main focus, both when it is normal and when it actually has the power. I am talking about the second vessel that Alibaba uses.


Incursio from Akame ga kill, do I need to say much about this, probably not. I like the overall design in the manga more, especially in the recent chapters where it reached a new stage and is more beast like, not like how in the anime where it grew wings. I really like just the overall design for it.

Day 21

Day 23

What would be your answer for this?

30 Day Anime Challenge Day 9

Day 9 Favorite Anime Villain


This is one that I find rather tricky. For me, I like villains that make several appearances. I like villains that are a major foil to the character. I do not like villains that just show up in the last episode and have the hero wipe that floor with them. This one is rather difficult since none really pop into my head immediately in an overall amount of anime that I have seen. So I decided to go with something that was more recent. For my favorite anime villain even I think I have to go with Judar from Magi. Although he might not be the main antagonist for the series, he does make a good roll for one. He is completely opposite to Aladdin which is why I like him. He is also the only one that really stands out. I am sure if I gave it more thought then there would be a villain that would stand out more, but Judar is still up there.

Day 8

Day 10

Who is your favorite anime villain?

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Review

magi logo

This was not on my “to watch list” and the manga was not on my “to read list” any time soon. After seeing countless reviewers and other anime fans bring this up in some way or another. Some did not like it, with a majority rather enjoyed it. So I took a different approach to a show that has already been out and read the manga, which I really enjoyed. After reading and enjoy the manga chapters, which was well over a hundred and it only took about two days to read, I would think that the anime would be just as enjoyable as the manga. Well, was I right?


The Plot:

            The story begins as a young boy, Aladdin is traveling on his way. One day he runs into a young man named Alibaba. The two become quick friends and after an occasional mishap they need to whip the debt clean in order to avoid enslavement. To do this they dive into a dungeon, where it is then revealed that Aladdin is a Magi, a person who is meant to train great kings. Their adventures are it if they are together or apart. The story follows there adventures as they soon discover that there is much more going on as well.


The Characters:


Aladdin:  Is the Magi, although very young, he is very powerful when it comes to controlling Magoi and magic. Magoi is one thing that exists in everybody. Magi can control it within themselves and others. He is the youngest out of the main characters. At the start of the season he is ten years old, but by the end is around eleven.



Alibaba Saluja: He is Aladdin’s friend and King Candidate, the person that Magi train to be great kings. He alsoalready has royal status as the Third Prince of Balbadd Kingdom.  His djinn, is Amon a fire djinn, which he can then create a black sword of fire.




Morgiana: She was a former slave that Aladdin and Alibaba saved. She is of the Finalis Tribe of the Dark Continent (finalis has several different spellings and is different depending on the source for the name). Being of that tribe her hair and eyes are red (at least in the manga, the anime they are lighter and more pinkish) as well as being very strong compared to most people, this is more in the legs. She starts out a little quite, but when she is needed she can be very demanding and kind at times. She is very grateful to Aladdin and Alibaba for rescuing her and constantly wants to prove her worth to them.



Hakuryuu Ren: For starters although he arrives in the final quarter of the season, he is a main character later on in the series since his appearance. He is another King Candidate for Aladdin and is part of the Kou Empire. He has the djinn Zagan, which can heal wounds.


Everything Else:

            As I mentioned I read the manga for the series before actually watching it. I have only done this for a few series however this is for one that already aired, so it is a first. All the other times the anime was announced or before the anime was even announced. Going in I knew what was going to happen and knew what would happen at this point. At times when they made small changes it made things interesting. These were small and the reason they were not in the manga at the time was due to the knowledge not being known or the creator had not created it yet. This stuff would only be known if you read the manga beforehand, and in no way effects the series as a whole. At the same time there was the event that lead to the dungeon capturing at the end of the season the reason for going was a lot different compared to the manga, this was to give a way to cover the two arcs so the story would not remain unfinished if it was not to get another season as well as make it more of a grand scale battle like, instead of what it really was in the manga.

The music is one thing that I enjoy the background music is what I am trying to say. It is nice to get something different each time, unlike some series where it is just the opening or the same tune over and over. This is different with the music changing each time. There are not many series that I can remember when thinking about the background music at times, some are easily noticeable, while others you need to focus on to tell if there is a difference.


Good and Bad Points:

+ Sinbad’s first appearance was done well in the anime and stuck to how it was portrayed in the manga

– The Balbadd Arc is very long and can get boring

+ The Balbadd Arc introduces a lot of key information and characters

+ How magic is explained is different compared to most fantasy series in general

? Sinbad can steal the show sometimes (not really sure if that is a good or bad thing)

+ Jadar is a good foil to Aladdin

+ The characters age, six months passed before Balbadd arc and then six month passed after Balbadd arc


Final Score: 90/100

This is under the fantasy series, and this score was taken from the fact that the Blabadd arc although long, and at times a little boring, it did introduce a lot into the story that makes up for it. If you like fantasy based series and have not checked this series out, then give the first few episodes a try.


The series is licensed by Aniplex of America. It is free to streamed sub on Crunchyroll and dub on Hulu. I will be doing the second season for review sometime next month, as I finished reading the manga that the second season covers.

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