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12 Days of Top 5s Day 8: Gundams

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Twelve Days of Anime “Best of 2017” Day 9: Summer Season Series

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Working Together to Make Dreams Come True: Gundam Build Fighters Series Review


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Top Five Mecha Series

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Summer 2016 Mid-Season Impressions

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Gundam is my “Savior Anime” this Year

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ReLife First Impressions and Other Series

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Pre-Season Impressions Summer 2016

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Winter 2016 Final Impressions

What happened? Seriously, I dropped a lot. I mean let me see what I completed, when I started to write about this. Erased, KonoSuba, umm, what else? That is it. So, what happened?

Alright so after a week since writing that opening time to talk about what happened exactly, since I did finish other shows.

So, school work is the main cause, I have class 5 days a week and 4 of those days are dedicated to homework. Plus not a lot was airing that I enjoyed. There are still some that I am about 3 episodes away from finishing and would still like to finish, but time to continue with my thoughts.

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