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Higurashi When they Cry New Episode 2 Review: Sequel? Reboot? Both?

So, um, yeah, this episode really is coming off as a sequel reboot. I say that because, it is falling the first arc of the series but at the same time it is bringing up an important plot point that would be known after this arc, that time travel is heavily involved. It also feels like they will be pulling off more twists, as, it feels like it is going down a whole new route. Still, it is too soon to say. Depending on what happens in the next few episodes I might start going back and bulk reviewing the first series. But, there are no promises. I am still going to do my best to avoid spoilers. But I will explain one plot point in this review. I will mark it as a spoiler though. So, with that in mind let’s get started.

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Higurashi When they Cry New Episode 1 Review: Return of the Nipah

Well, this is certainly something I did not expect this year, oddly fitting too since this series kind of deals with pandemic, also, I will find it really hard to not spoil this series for what happens in the future. Anyway, I am back, to review stuff again. This time I am reviewing the remake of one of my favorite series, Higurashi. I know a few years ago I was planning on reviewing the original, kind of glad I did not since now I can watch it and talk about it over time. I also have no idea how long this is, seeing that the original anime is 50 episodes long, so, I might be here for some time, which I am fine with. Enough about that, time to get into the show.

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