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Pre-Season Impressions Summer 2016

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Top Five Over Hyped Anime

Well, where to begin. I know it feels like a lot of people will be upset with the anime I may talk about, and personally I am a little alright with that. I only say that because everyone has their own opinion. I am sure I would disagree with some people’s opinion on these, if they were to make a list. But overall remember this is for fun. It would be nice to see who agrees and who disagrees with this list. Personally as always I would love to hear a few anime you think are over hyped.

Due to the nature of labeling Anime as Over Hyped I am only doing ones that I have seen. I will also mention if it deserves the hype or not. Because sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. Either way without further ado, let’s get started.

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Twin Star Exorcists Ep 1 Review- It Doesn’t Suck to go Original

Yes, while everyone is reading this when I return from my hiatus I am writing this after watching the first ep the day it aired. You know what that means? I have somehow successfully fought the urge to upload this right away and lasted a month. Alright so what is now my favorite show after first impressions of this season, time to get started maybe?

I will be going a little light on covering the plot for the first 4 episode reviews, since they been out for some time. Starting with episode 5 it will return to the normal format.

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KonoSuba Ep 2 Review- Wait this is by DEEN?

Well, Kono Suba enters the second episode. It continues off the following day from episode one. Kazuma is awake and looking over a sleeping Aqua. He wakes her up and asks if they really are going to go on an adventure like she said she would. She says that they will and it should be easy since it is the starting area. Kazuma brings up, which I neglected to last week, that although it is a starting town and far away from the Demon Lord there is hardly any money for starting adventurers and no basic equipment.

konosuba ep 2 1

So, the quest they have is hunting five frogs in three days. These are not your typical frogs, but giant frogs that eat goats and goddess throughout this episode anyway. Aqua tries to fight one and nearly gets eaten in the process. Due to a rage fit she charges after another only to nearly get eaten again. She decided that getting eaten nearly twice was enough covered in drool and whatever else was in the frogs mouth she decides to end their adventure for the day with only two of the five frogs killed.

After cleaning up and over their evening meal Aqua and Kazuma begin to talk about adding another party member. Kazuma argues that they do not need to lose more money. They were making less nearly getting killed then the construction job they had during that montage in episode 1.

The second day is about recruiting members. Aqua only wants people with an advance job class. After waiting several hours someone walk over. Her name is Megumin. Long story short she is also an arch-mage who specializes in explosion magic. She is also a Chuunibyou, which is where the episode gets its name. So after dealing with Chuunibyou antics she joins them as they go hunting for more frogs.

konosuba ep 2 6

Megumin decides to use her explosion magic on one of them. Another appears and Aqua chases after it only to get nearly eaten again. The spell went off destroy the area causing a crater. Another frog appears. In a worry Kazuma looks over to see Megumin on the ground. She brings up the fact that the Explosion spell takes a lot out of her. It makes her body unable to move. Another frog then snaps her up to try to eat her.

konosuba ep 2 8

The quest was completed when Kazuma slayed the two frogs trying to eat the girls. As they walk back Kazuma tries to get rid of Megumin seeing that she can only use one spell and she confesses her love for Explosion magic and refuses to use any other. She tricks him by making a scene in public in order to stay in the party.

konosuba ep 2 10

The money earned was 110,000 (whatever the name for the currency) they had to split it up three ways. Kazuma lamenting how little they earned for nearly dying. As he does this a woman introduces herself, Darkness, a Knight. She then begins to heavily breath as she asks to join the party. Then the episode ends.

konosuba ep 2 11

Overall Thoughts

I am kind of glad Darkness showed up at the end. As I mentioned I read some of the manga adaptation. She is a masochist, but more on that next episode more than likely. So, this is not time to talk about her.

Anyway one thing that I loved about this episode was the music in the background. It is rare when I hear it. Normally it is to pump up the epic-ness of a fight. But it was just brilliant how well it worked to enhance the comedy. The show really did an amazing job with that this week. Hopefully they keep it up for future weeks to come. I really hope it does.

As I watched the episode and the fact that Aqua got eaten several times by a frog I do not know why but each time I just found it more and more funny. I expected it, mostly because seemingly everyone on twitter was posting pics and laughing about this episode. But regardless that part of the episode I did find funny.

konosuba ep 2 5

This episode was a lot more fun this week and really showed build up in terms of humor. There were little details as well that added to the world building, such as Aqua’s comment “The Demon Lord is not going to send anything to a town with starting adventurers,” in order to explain why it is so peaceful in a world that is threatened by the Demon Lord.  To me that line was a nice touch and really answered the fact why nothing seems to be bad around them. So although I do not expect much in the adventure in defeating the Demon Lord, hopefully there is more world building to expand the depth of the world.

As for the title, I know I could care less on the company who adapts things. But there are a few where I do. I am honestly surprised how well this is doing for a Studio DEEN anime. I would also like to add that this title was done on a poll on twitter between three other ones.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10

As always I hope you enjoyed.  If you have any thoughts, ideas, or anything you would like to see here feel free to comment. If that does not work try to contact me through social media.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe

Haruchika First Impressions

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Dimension W First Impressions

dimesion w titleWell, that was enjoyable. Simple as that. Well, alright maybe I should talk a bit more about my thoughts on the first episode instead of saying simple as that. One because it is me and I never make it as simple as that and two it is me and leaving it as simple as that is boring.
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