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A Certain Magical Index Ep 7-9 Review: Deep Blood

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Top Five Over Hyped Anime

Well, where to begin. I know it feels like a lot of people will be upset with the anime I may talk about, and personally I am a little alright with that. I only say that because everyone has their own opinion. I am sure I would disagree with some people’s opinion on these, if they were to make a list. But overall remember this is for fun. It would be nice to see who agrees and who disagrees with this list. Personally as always I would love to hear a few anime you think are over hyped.

Due to the nature of labeling Anime as Over Hyped I am only doing ones that I have seen. I will also mention if it deserves the hype or not. Because sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. Either way without further ado, let’s get started.

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The Favs 6: Kiddy GiRL-AND

Hello, and welcome to the series of posts I do where I discuss my favorite series. One thing I really like about anime is that we can all enjoy different series. In this shows case it is the sequel to one of my previously covered series, Kiddy Grade. Now because of this, unlike posts before this may contain minor spoilers to the previous series. Some series that I may cover will be spin offs or sequels or even prequels. Regardless of this I would still love to hear about your favorite series, even if it is not this one or even your thoughts on this series if you saw it. Either way I hope you enjoy as I talk about the sequel Kiddy GiRL-AND.

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The Favs 3: Kiddy Grade

Hello, and welcome to a series of posts of mine called the Favs. There is one thing that I love about anime and that is as fans we all love different series. We all label series differently. Even the series that we share in common we view differently as well. We have different favorite arcs, different methods of watching or reading the series. So, without further ado time to talk about a series that easily became one of my favorite shows I watched last year and after consideration might be making it into my Top Five favorite series, Kiddy Grade.

The sequel series Fav Post is here.

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