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Qualidea Code First Impressions and a Few others


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Mid-Season Spring 2015 Impressions

Well, I would like to begin with how I liked my approach for this season when doing the impressions. Unlike last time, then again hardly anyone followed my blog back then, I actually did do a half way update. I will also add since some of the shows currently on here are scheduled for a two cour, I will talk about them in depth on my thoughts for them come the Mid-Season Summer part. Alright time to begin. Random pictures from random shows will be spread throughout some will be for the ones that I will be more focused on, mostly not.

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DanMachi First Impression

This is also known as Is it Wrong to try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

So, this is the first of the five I said I would do first impressions for for the spring season. All will be coming out on different days. Also they will not be out the day the show originally aired, mostly because I do not want two posts in a day and it also gives time for people to see it for themselves. I will start off by talking about what the episode was about. My overall thoughts. Then ending with a brief talk about the shows I watched already before this one.

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