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The Reflection Ep 8 Review: The Decision

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The Reflection Ep 6 Review: Don’t Mess with Texas

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The Favs 3: Kiddy Grade

Hello, and welcome to a series of posts of mine called the Favs. There is one thing that I love about anime and that is as fans we all love different series. We all label series differently. Even the series that we share in common we view differently as well. We have different favorite arcs, different methods of watching or reading the series. So, without further ado time to talk about a series that easily became one of my favorite shows I watched last year and after consideration might be making it into my Top Five favorite series, Kiddy Grade.

The sequel series Fav Post is here.

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Rolling Girls Review

Rolling Girls

Ok, so it has been since April since my last review. At the same time thinking about it, it really feels like I should do reviews differently. Not in terms of content but in what I review. I like doing weekly reviews, but I can only do one since they take a long time. At the same time I don’t really like going about with a seasonal show review, but those are what I watch the most. If you have any suggestions that would be appreciated.


So, here is an original series that aired in the winter season. There are always a few shows that I pick up over the course of the season when it is either half way done. Sometimes this can be for the better. Sometimes it is not so much. This was one of the shows that I picked up late. Now, just because I was able to catch up in a day for the first half, what does in mean for the second half? So, without further ado, Rolling Girls a coming of age story.

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