Musume title 1

So, like I said with the Actually I am review. I have not decided on which to review yet. I was a little worried when it came to this series, but I will say after this episode the worry is gone. Anyway I am minimizing the talk on the plot and bringing up a new part where I talk about the manga in the end. As for which series I will continue to do a weekly review, I am going to do my best to keep both for a bit since the Top Five posts will be done for a few months to gather ideas.


So I will say this is the most anticipated show for me this season. So, with that said, well, I guess I will leave what I am thinking for that section for my overall thoughts on the episode. Not really sure what to say since, well I do not really know what to say other than the fact I have been reading the manga for almost two years now so I know this series fairly well. I have also read it several times too. This is a harem series so let me laugh for a second since I am doing a plot section. Alright now we can begin.

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