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June 2018 Update: A little Burnt Out

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I watch Anime and with others too (sort of)

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I Go To My First Con

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I Keep it a Secret (Sort of)


I have been meaning to do this post for some time. I brought it up time and time again, but never really focused on it for one of these I the American Otaku posts. Although it has been some time since I did one of these, and I actually wanted to do this one a while ago, specifically right after the event that happened I will discuss, well it is finally time to talk about it.

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Important Pre-Summer Update 2

ep 6 2        Well, remember when I did the last one and I said I would be working at the factory with my dad over the summer and how I get exhausted and it can be a little hard for me to work on my stories and what not. Well, apparently the factory my dad works at is not accepting people to work this summer, which means I cannot work there this summer. Although at the same time I know my dad is looking for a new job so since a whole lot of problems and this might be my parents way of telling me that they really don’t want me to work there and are telling me I need to work somewhere else. But anyway back to what this means for this place.

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I Talk About My Story

So, today is somewhat a special day, sort of. I really do not know the exact date.  Today is the day I started to work on my story, the main one I want to publish, eight years ago possibly today. I am glad I marked when I worked on other stories after this one. But anyways, even writing this now I am a little uncertain how much I will talk about it.

I write a lot. I am majoring in Professional Writing and currently at the time this post goes up, I am about a month away from finishing my Junior year. But knowing I wanted to have this major did not start on this day all those years ago. It goes back way before that.

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