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Sunshine Award and Real Neat Blog Award Nomination from The Yuri Nation

For starts as a person who said he was going to stop doing these he really has not kept his word. But oh well. Here I am again, and I decided whenever I get nominated for these things they will just come out on a single day. Anyway enough about that.

This time I was nominated by my friend, Overlord-G, also known as Og-Man on twitter. He runs The Yuri Nation. So thank you for the nomination. It is also now when I realize I was also nominated for a Real Neat Blog award by him as well and both questions will be answered. There was also the fact he referred to me as Joey Mercury, and I did not know who he was till I looked it up in Google, anyway enough about that, thank you and time to get started.

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Questions for the Followers and Readers


This post is going to be different compared to any other one so far. I am hoping that this post will be the start of a discussion. Anyway, I might as well get started.

What I would like to say, or well ask is something that is rather simple.


What would you like to see on here?

Currently I have nearly a review coming out a week, and would like to have about three or four posts a week (Since I will be doing a weekly review on top of my other stuff). Although reviews will be through some of my personal taste, and a poll is already done every now and again to decide on some of the reviews. What I mean to say is what you would like to see here in terms of Discussion posts, Top Fives (Although I have them planned till June), theories (Only Date A Live ones are planned for now), or just anything else.


Do you have a blogroll/link exchange?

I know I do, and well there are only three other blogs that are linked from here to them and vice versa. I am looking for people who would like to take part in it, as long as it is anime, manga, or comic related. I would especially love it if you had a blogroll of your own. If you do not that is fine. Also if you would be interested, please comment there and not here about this question. That is here.


Are you interested in a Post Exchange/Collaboration work?

I am not sure what the correct term for this would be. But I got this idea back when I did the Liebster Award, not sure if it was part two or part three. Anyway, and that was to do some sort of Collaboration work. My idea, although it is open to change, is that we both recommend one series, that we like that the other has not seen, and watch the first three episodes, or whole series or whatever, I think the first three episodes would be easier.  I post my thoughts on it on your blog, you do the same on mine. That way one, we can see how other people see our favorite series and can get the show out there more, and two, we can both show a different style of writing on both our blogs. Although I am sure something else could work in some way or another.


So, if you are interested or have an idea of a way for this please comment. I would be so interested in doing one of these posts at least once or something or as something special to do every now and again.


Any suggestions on the layout?

This is one thing I always question and that is if this is easy to navigate. Is it easy to find information, although now that I think about it compared to other posts I think I keep it fairly organized where you could see my first post after just two clicks.  So, I guess maybe not so much for this one, so if it is a no say why.


Where are you from?

So, this one is super personal, and what I mean by this is country, do not say town, or address or anything personal other then country. I get views from all over the place. I upload at my convenience between classes at noon est. So, I would like to know what time I should upload to make it more convent for people to read so it is not out super late, early, or gets in the way of my schedule. So it can come out at a convent time for everyone and not some random time.


So, here is the last question. What do you like here or think needs improvement?

I really enjoy doing this. I have been working on a story on deviantart for several years now, well I know it is an art site, but I do not really get any comments or views and it just is not fun anymore. I have only been on Wattpad for as long as I have been on here, so that still has time despite it not having any views.  I really do hope to do this for a long time. In the past few months I found people I can talk a lot about anime with, and just talk to in general. I do not get this in my normal life. So, I want to improve on what I do here. If I did a certain post a certain way that people enjoyed, that would make it easier since I could do posts to be like that sort of. I want to continue doing this and have fun doing this. I do not want it to be like my other work where it is now too late to change anything.



So, that is it. I would also like to add, if you want to answer, but do not have an account, message me on twitter. Or have any questions, ask them here on You can also follow this blog by e-mail as well.



So, I would just like to say thank you. The time I have spent on here has been fun and I hope I can do something that we all can enjoy. I want to improve what I do here since it is still early and not a year from now. Thanks.


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