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NaNoWriMo Follow Up

With the One Year Anniversary now remotely behind me, since there are a few more posts dealing with it to come, it is time to talk about what happened in November and the planning that took place in October. Continue reading “NaNoWriMo Follow Up”

Top Five Best Girls of Winter and Spring Season

top 5

Well, I decided to count down both the best girls and best dudes of this season, only as a separate post unlike the first one I did back when I first started to do these posts. Now, because it is me and it is apparent that I am Saber obsessed, and I cannot believe the words that are coming out of my mind typing this but, she did not make it on this list. The first reason being how she did not really have a role in this half of Unlimited Blade Works which is disappointing. Now with that said I have no idea who will be at the number 1 spot when it comes to this one being done.

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Top Five Series from Winter 2015

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So, with the winter season far behind us, and the Spring season nearing its end, this week will start off by counting down the top five winter season shows. With later in the week talking about the top five spring shows. There are shows that have continued on from the fall and ended in the winter. Although they started in the fall, and although none are on the list that I made mentally, if the show ended in the winter but started in the fall, they are allowed on this list since that was when they were completed. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Saekano How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Review

saekano title

I think what drew me to this series was the title. I think it is weird and a little funny at the same time. I just wanted to know how it worked. I knew it was just going to be another harem series. But just because I knew it was going to be just another harem series did that really make it turn out like other ones or did it turn into something more. Did it turn into something I really did not expect? Well perhaps it did in this harem romantic comedy. I would also like to add this was the top of the poll for shows that people would like me to review for the winter season.

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