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12 Days of Top 5s Day 5: Female Characters

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Top Five Anime Dads

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Top Five Magical Girl Series Revisited

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Ace Attorney Episode 1-6 Impressions With Other Series

Due to the hiatus I was unable to do first impressions of the season. At the same time I sort of viewed it a little pointless to do mid-season impressions like two weeks after doing the first few episode impressions. So the mid-season impressions will be in two parts. I am primarily will be focusing on Ace Attorney for this post, however I will touch upon other shows this season. Unlike previous seasons I actually have not dropped anything, so there is a lot to cover.

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Spring 2016 Pre-Season Impressions

Hello, it is that time again where I look at what I will be watching, and announce what my weekly reviews will be for this new season. I would like to state that April I am taking a break from blogging. So, weekly reviews, although I have not decided if I will do individual posts or a three in one, probably the first one, they will be out at the start of May. I also will not be focusing on individual series like last time. I will put focus on two series however, but that will be for the first three episodes instead of first episode. Simply put it, there will just be this post, a three episode test, a mid-season impressions, and final impressions. So I guess it is time to begin. Continue reading “Spring 2016 Pre-Season Impressions”

12 Days of Anime: Day 8 I watch too much Magical Girl Shows

So, let me see I am just going to start listing off all the magical girl series that are on the top of my head that I watched this year alone. This is in no particular order. I watch a lot. So I am probably just going to talk about my favorite characters.

  • Go Princess PreCure
  • Smile PreCure
  • Happiness Charge PreCure
  • Sailor Moon
  • Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha As
  • Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha StrickerS
  • Maigcal Lyrical Girl Nanoha ViVid
  • Fate/Prisma Season 3
  • Madoka Magica

Those are all the ones that I remember. In total adding them up taking into account of the ones I did not finish. Or where airing weekly from the year before and finished this year. You are looking at well over 100 episodes. Just from the ones I remember.

DB Super time

My favorite of all these is Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha StirckerS. It is my favorite of the franchise. I really wish they gave ViVid an original ending since it is basically saying go read the manga. There is also the lack of Best Girl and Best Yuri Couple Fate and Nanoha in it. StirkerS you got to see them as an adult and there were just so many interesting characters that appeared. It was the more magical battle one and a lot more build up since it had double the episodes then its first two seasons.

Be Careful

So, let it be said Nanoha and Fate will always be my favorite magical girls in terms of an anime and just in general as characters. Madoka Magica has nothing on them, even if that series was amazing. Plus added bonus of Fate being voiced by one of my favorite VA/Idols Nana Mizuki.

Nanoha and Fate

Then let me seeing. Prisma I did not finish. I don’t know why. Probably because I don’t like the mixture of ecchi and lolis. I am leaning towards that. I could take two seasons. But this season they really kicked up the yuri to uncomfortable levels more so than previous seasons.

the mask

Sailor Moon I have yet to finish. Crystal I still has two more episodes. But so far Mars and Mercury are my favorite also Jupiter.  Just really wish the second half was a lot better. I really enjoyed the first half of the show, despite the ending for the first arc. I do not like how instant the relationship happened the second they regained their past memories, I could understand and would prefer if it happened over time, just not instant.

Go Princess PreCure I have been falling behind. But Clueless Princess is best princess, aka Towa or Cure Scarlet.

Smile PreCure, if you seen my twitter time line you probably seen the image I used for the feature one often. Yayoi or Cure Peace is my favorite. She is probably one of my favorite of all PreCure too. She likes superheroes and comics and stuff like that. She is a total geek and adorable. I am too afraid to watch the English adaptation known as Glitter Force in fear of now, whatever her English name is getting ride of what makes me like her.

to the weeb cave

So, before this post gets any weirder, I am ending it here. But what are your favorite Magical Girl series?


As always I hope you enjoyed.

Feel free to comment your thoughts on these posts.  Have any suggestions for anything   you would like to see here feel free to comment as well.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe

Inspector Green Tag



So here I am again doing another one of these things. Again I was tagged by dandylion13 at Viewer Discretion is Advised. This was actually right after being nominated for the Liebster award. So, I just have to answer a few questions and nominate 3 people to answer these same questions as well. So, instead of dragging on here are the questions.

  1. When was the last time you went to a store containing anime?

Last Wednesday, when I went to go get my Spiderman comics at Newberry Comics, it is a popular chain in New England. However they only have literally there are four anime series and that is it. The same goes for the movie store, which mostly has used ones that are incomplete series and the Best Buy as well, but it has few and ones that are new releases, most in which are movies or Bleach. Manga is the same way the book store does not have much either, although it does have the series I get so I am fine with that. All these stores are also over 25 miles away from where I live as well, which is a pain, but it is not far from where I go to school and I have always gone to that area since I was little so the drive is not so bad.

  1. Do you usually watch anime online? On what website?

Since my anime hobby is a secret and I live at home, online, that and Toonami is on too late for me to watch since I am usually in bed before it begins. Although I will not say the main website I use to watch new shows as they air. Old shows that finished airing I watch on Crunchyroll, Hulu (by the way they have a lot of series for free and ones that are no longer licensed by companies as well), and Funimation (who does their stuff through hulu).

  1. First Japanese word you learned?

Baka, it also helped me learn a word for my Spanish class since it sounds similar to the word for cow.

  1. Best animation style in your opinion?


Birdy the Mighty Decode comes right to mind, at least right now, I really like that series and the overall design and flow of how the animation is, is cool.

  1. Best Anime Pet?


I’m a cat person and the only two that really come to mind are Happy from Fairy Tail and Luna from Sailor Moon, I am going with Luna for looking more like a cat.

  1. Longest Anime you’ve ever watched?

Although I watched over 270 episodes of Bleach, I am not continuing it since I did not finish the series and dropped it. So I am going with Fairy Tail, which as of today has 222 episodes that has aired, (kind of ironic with tomorrow being 2/22 among other reasons).

Fairy Tail Members

  1. What is the shortest Anime you’ve watched?

After looking at my anime list, Tenchi Muyou! Ryo-Ohki, which is 6 episodes. This eventually turns into a 20 total series of OVAs, but this was the first batch and only one I completed even though I want to watch more.


  1. Who is your favorite anime couple?

The couple is Araragi and Senjogahara, from the Monogatari series. I really like how they interact with one another. I talked about this in my 30 Day Anime challenge already. But yeah, I like them simple as that.

bakemonogatari couple jpg

So, now it comes to nominating the 3 people for the Inspector Green Tag.

AnimeCorps (This time I will make it clear to say that anyone who writes there can participate)

Lita Kino Anime Reviews

Shay-shay’s Anime Blog

So, yeah, I had some fun with this and I hope you guys do to. Thanks again. Sorry, for spamming you guys twice for this, but I hope you guys find it fun.

Top Five Magical Girl Series

top 5 This I can already tell just starting to write it will be face palm worthy for me. That aside, originally the Sailor Moon Crystal Review of the first arc was supposed to go hand and hand with this, but I later decided to wait until the show was done in general. This was mostly to feel less embarrassed, but clearly that did not happen. So, without further ado, like last week with a guy discussing shojo series, here is that same guy talking about magical girl series. I have also only seen about five, so, the list mostly refers to those five that I have seen.

Number 5: Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Fatekaleid_liner_logo

Alright, well this is a spinoff of Fate Stay Night. I am not really sure how it works in some cases. Somehow Illya is younger the Shiro, despite the fact that they are the same age in Fate Stay Night, she might not look it in that series, but she is eighteen. Despite this in this series they are obviously younger, to fit the whole Magical Girl theme, at the same time I do not get why she is now younger then him, this only confused me more. I mean sure it is obvious that she is younger for fan service reasons, but still.

Anyway enough about my little rant there. It is for that rant that it is at Number Five, that and the fan services that I really wish it just did not have. Although it does have redeeming qualities in the fights, story, and how they were able to pull off a successful magical girl themed adaptation on one of my favorite franchises, however sometimes not even that is all redeeming in comparison to the rest of the series in that franchise. If I were to review this series it would probably be a 40/100, just because it pales in comparison to the other Fate series. At the same time I will admit I will still watch it regardless because it is a Fate series and it can fill the void come summer when the next season comes out while I wait for news for the Heaven’s Feel Route movie.

Number 4: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon was at Number 1 last week for Shojo series; this was mostly because of the impact on the genre sailor moon logoand a lot of people that watch anime. For me as I stated I did not watch anime growing up, other than a selected few that is considered anime.  Watching the older series, subbed by the way, I just cannot really get into it for long. I might be able to watch an episode or two in a row at most. Crystal, yes I can see it has flaws, but personally I like the more mature feel that I get when watching it that I do not get watching the original series. Both series are flawed, but it is better then what was at number 5. At the same time I think the fact it airs every other week is what makes me look forward to it. Watching the old version I can clearly see why it was so popular. At the same time there are a few things that I do like about it. This was a series that helped define the magical girl genre, but since that was a little over two decades now, it clearly changed. It should be higher for this reason, but personally I do not want to put it higher for reasons that I find the next three a little more enjoyable.

Number 3: Happiness Charge Precure

This is where the face palm comes in. Well, Number 5 was aimed at the male audience, number 4 although aimed at the female audience, guys still like it, and then there is this one that is clearly aimed at the younger female audience. I do not remember what compelled me to watch this series over a year ago. However, I will admit I do not precure logoregret starting to watch it. Number 5 I could personally care less if I never watched it and number 4 I feel like I should at least watch some of it since it is a classic. This series is different. I will admit outside of this adaptation I have watched Fresh Precure, and Doki Doki Precrure. I have tried to watch others, but could not get into it as much. Out of the three that I have seen, this adaptation is the best in my eyes. I am not going to say more other then I like it for the story, the character interactions, and the fact that is different compared to the other two series that I have seen towards the ending. I do touch upon my thoughts, at least on one of the characters in my Top Five Female Characters of 2014. At the same time this fits the idea when one would think of what a magical girl series is, at least how it is now.  

Number 2: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

This is another series that makes me feel like I want to give myself a face palm for enjoying. As of right now I have only seen the first series. However for what I know about future series in this franchise there are some things that I rather enjoy. For starters the first season she is about nine years old, in the new series coming out this springnanoha_logo she is in her twenties I think. I cannot name many anime series that have a character that age that much. Sure, there are series that they may age two, maybe three years, but not more than ten. DBZ seems to be the only other one that can come to mind. Then there is the fact where the origin for the character started, which I find a little funny considering how much more popular this series is in comparison to that.  Although I would like to avoid, talking about something like this, but the character was the younger sister to someone from a, lack of a better term adult visual novel, which is why this series is aimed towards the male audience. Here is another reason why I am sort of regretting this Top Five since I did not do that Sailor Moon Review.

That aside although I have only seen the first season, as previously mentioned, the development between Nanoha and Fate is one that I really enjoy. How those two act around one another is just one reason why it is this high. At the same time this is again aimed towards the male audience to where the female aimed series tend to focus more on feelings against the villain, the male tend to focus on just action and strength and over powering the villain. I really wish I did not talk about this one. But I want to be a little humorous, but clearly this is going to be my low point. Anyway, regardless this is here more for how Fate and Nanoha’s relationship is and where it goes from there.

Number 1: Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Besides what I pointed out for this series when it made it to number one for Top Original Series of 2014. For having a good story, being by the creator of Akame ga Kill was an interesting thing to find out later. In all honesty it skipped my mind that Toga was supposed to be at Number 3 for Female Characters of 2014, and the one that was not to be on the list was Akatsuki from Log Horizon, but that is what I get for binge watching that series before working on that Top Five.

Anyway, now that the embarrassing part is over I can actually talk about something for once in this Top Five. How wonderful is that?

Anyway, as I stated I do like the characters and the story development. Now I yet to see Madoka Magica, although I only know one major twist, the episode 3 twist. Other than that I know nothing about that series. So when this series came along some people were speculating that it was going to go down that route and to quote poor fan logo yukisubs, “People die if they are killed!” However since I did not see that series I have no way to compare it to this one other than my previous knowledge of that. At the same time, I am at least hoping that this series is different than that one in several factors.

This series was more or less one of my favorites from last year. Going in I just thought this was just going to be a slice of life series. I did not know it was going to be a magical girl series, and it surprised me at that. The story, the characters, and a few other things I really enjoyed. The final episode I do have to say I had two problems, the problem just seemed to be solved instantly. The other being Yuna was just playing with my emotions for half of it so I could hardly see the subtitles and had to pause. Other than that I really liked the series and it was a pleasant surprise to watch not knowing what to expect.

So before this twenty one year old man embarrasses himself any further, although after this Top Five I doubt it, I am done. I do not have any series to recommend; since those were the only series I have seen in this genre.

Top Five Shojo Series


top 5

The Shojo anime series, I feel do not get as much limelight compared to most. In reality when I look back at all the series I watched, ones that I thought fit into that category did not. At most from what I have taken note of from the past several anime seasons only one and two at most fit into this category. Sure, this is a guy talking about his interest in shows aimed at the female audience, but who cares. This is my way of looking at series that might not get as much attention for a genre that does not get a lot of attention. I am also discussing the plot for the series as well for that reason. This is also my way of preparing for the literal face palm for next week’s Top Five.


Number 5: Yona of the Dawn

This series I mentioned several times before, even one of the main male leads made it into my Top Five Favorite Male Characters of 2014. This series has the potential of being later on the list, but since it is still airing it can still have room for error and is thus at number 5. I binged watched the first eleven episodes before watching episode twelve, I really enjoyed it in that time.

The first episode to me was very memorable, since for ninety percent of it I was screaming, “He is the bad guy!” It seems like that has happened a lot recently with the girl too blind to see it, the other case is the episode in Parasyte, but that has nothing to do with this conversation. Despite my constant screams of pointlessness, I enjoyed the fact that I was right. It also allowed a great way to give a major change without warning to Yona.

This series is about Yona, a princess in a peaceful kingdom. One day her father is killed, I will not tell who killed him, but it is in the first episode. Thus she goes into hiding as her kingdom is taken over by her father’s killer. Although she is more focused on protecting herself and those she cares about she goes on a quest to find the four dragons that protected the kingdom over 1000 years before.

This has been one of my favorite series of the fall and I am glad I got into it late. Funimation is currently streaming this series if anyone is curious.


Number 4: Sabagebu!

This was easily in my top five comedy series of 2014. There is just a lot to talk about when it comes to the comedy of this series. The final episode was easily the funniest and easily one of the best in terms of over the top references and really just about anything. The series as I mentioned is just funny in general. This was one series that I really got to look forward to on a weekly basis, since I knew I was going to go in and come out laughing.

There is not much of a plot for this series. It is really a parody series. However it deals with the survival club and their activities as a survival club.


Number 3: The World is Still Beautiful

So, here is a little back story on why I watched it. The fall and winter season one romance series that I got to look forward to on a weekly basis was Golden Time. When that ended I really wanted to watch another romance based series, this fit the bill, since it started that spring season. A part of why I enjoyed was the fact it filled the void of Golden Time, but that is not all. This had its own way of being on its own. I really enjoyed it and I was not really sure what to expect when going in other then a romance series, but I got a lot more out of it. It easily became one of the shows of that spring that I had to watch on a weekly basis and looked forward to. The characters and how they acted around each other as well as the emotional spending of mine with this series makes it at number 3.

The World is Still Beautiful tells the tale of Nike Lemercier, the Principality of Rain. She basically gets married off to the king of the sun kingdom Livius. Both are nothing a like and deal with this new life together of theirs.


Number 2: Kamisama Kiss

This was the first Shojo series that I watched. This was also the only one I watched until a year later when The World is Still Beautiful came out. Not only that this was the first reverse harem as well, the only other being Yona of the Dawn. This series has its own charm to it. I mostly like it for the comedy, at least what I remember. Looking back on the first season there is very little that I remember and now that the second season is airing I am really attempted to go back and watch it once more for a refresher.  This was also a series that I watched within my first year of being into anime, most series in that time period I only remember vaguely, although I wish I remember more about those series in general. This series was easily viewed within the first fifty or shows that I watched, and I would consider putting it into my top twenty five, that is if I remembered more about it. Regardless this series I still find enjoyable despite not fully remembering it as this new season airs.

The series is about Nanami, whose father has a gambling problem and left her with the debt. It reminds me of Hayate the Combat Butler, only instead of becoming a butler she becomes a land god of the local shrine as the old land god bestows his godly power to her. She then has to deal with being a god and such. That is a pretty straight forward description of the series from what I remember.

Anyway, the series has a dub, and is being streamed by Funimation with its new season.


Number 1: Sailor Moon/Sailor Moon Crystal

For starters I might have mentioned this at least once before that I was not allowed to watch anime as a child. I watched Pokemon, Yugioh, and Megaman, but that was it. Shows that nearly everyone had as their gateway like Sailor Moon, One Piece, and DBZ, I was not allowed to watch. So unlike most people I do not have that nostalgia attachment to Sailor Moon. I do have a super vague memory of it being one once when I went to see a cousin, but that was only for about five seconds. But, because I do not have that nostalgia I like Crystal over the original, since about ninety percent of the comments for the series I see are hate comments. I just wanted to say that, and it is because of that nostalgia for so many people that are one reason why it is at number one.

Anyway, my reason for putting at number one for myself is that I just like Crystal. I have been watching several episodes every once and awhile for the original series, but I just cannot get into it as much as I can get into Crystal. I can clearly see why people like the original series. It just seems like the newer adaptation is aimed for people that grew up with it and is following the manga fully, which the original did not. I love the story, the whole past lives thing I have worked with in my own writing in several cases and enjoy playing with that, especially as a means to bring two characters together. I will talk more about my thoughts with it in my review or more than likely a discussion comparing the two first arcs for the series at some point. Either way I just like Crystal more because it focusses more on the romance element and their lives rather than the monster of the week and the problems caused by that monster.

I really doubt I need to do a summary of Sailor Moon, seeing it is more than likely the most known Shojo series of all time.


There are a few Shojo series I was thinking about checking out, if anyone has a recommendation feel free to comment. I am mostly looking for either a comedy or romance series.

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