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A Certain Magical Index Season 3 Series Final Review: Time to wait for New Testament

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KonoSuba Final Episode Review- Thankfully Season 2 has been Announced

Well, the final episode surely went out with a bang, and luckily season 2 has been announced. The last few anime seasons have been becoming slightly boring for me. However there is few in the bunch that are, well a “God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!” I could not help with that.  Anyway, I am glad that one series I set out to review weekly worked out and I could stick through it all. Weekly reviews are a learning experience. Comedies and staying away from original works seem to do best. But enough about that, let’s get started for the last time, for now, on this fantasy comedy. The review for the series as a whole is at the bottom. That is spoiler free.

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The End of a Legend (The Legend of Korra Finally Discussion)

Warning, the following will contain spoilers to both Avatar the Last Air Bender and Avatar the Legend of Korra. So, unlike that Akame ga Kill discussion, this is all that there is going to be for warnings.


I was a fan of Avatar since the beginning. I still remember seeing previews for it when I was little thinking that the show would be dumb, I could not have been more wrong since here I am nine years later discussing the finally of the second series.

I really liked Legend of Korra, to me it is the last American Animated series that I will probably watch, unless I remember to catch up on Adventure Time or another series comes out in another four or five years of Avatar. Even if one comes out ten years from now I will still watch it.

The Last Air Bender, I am talking about the film, I think it is safe to say when I speak for everyone is, that it sucked. It was just as bad as Dragon Ball Evolution, which is saying something. That is all I have to say about that movie. Keep Avatar Animated and nothing more. I do hope they come out with a new series someday, just not for another five or so years, unless there is an animated movie.

Anyway, ever since season one of Legend of Korra I loved the fact that each season is self-contained. At the same time I sort of did not. I wish the original series did that and had more self-contained seasons, with the over arcing plot. Sure, I loved over arcing plots and that was something that I really missed when it came to Korra.

The finally felt a little off to me, mostly because of that. Sure, it was amazing, and the ending is making me think that Korra X Asami is a thing, which there is nothing wrong with that people are allowed to love whomever they wish too. I am not going to dive deeper than that and just let that soak in your minds for a few more seconds and you could see it happening too.

Anyway enough about that, looking at a season basis she has fought a radical, and I honestly forget what I said to my brothers, but it ended with dictator. I think maybe radical was the third one on the list, I am unsure. Anyway needless to say she has had a verity of opponents come her way, each one different. Each opponent also had something special too that made them unique. Amor had blood bending, Unalaq had the ability with the spirits, Zaheer could fly, which is a power all on its own you have to admit, and then lastly Kuvira had metal bending, even though practically everyone can do it now.

I think my only problem that I had with the finally was, that it did not feel like a finally. The original series you had the battle continually build up, and have had that over arcing plot. This series did not have that, despite the fact I enjoyed it, there still feels like there could be more since it felt like any old finally.

I do love this series. Since it is Y7 it really pushed the boundaries for it fully. In season one you got the murder suicide on screen with the boat exploding, the fact that it tells a story, and not many Y7 or animated shows really do that anymore, and there is easily a full list that a person could dedicate to what else that they have pushed the boundaries for. There is also the fact that halfway through season three it was made online only since it was viewed more there, this could be better if another avatar series does come out, since most of the audience was fans of the original. One could look at it that they might make the series darker if they come out with a new series someday and make it online only. Plus like this series it will probably start as a mini series of twelve episodes before becoming a fifty two episode series.

Legend of Korra ended well. The series over all was a wonderful addition and did justice continuing where Avatar the Last Air Bender left with so many fresh new ideas. If you remember watching the original series, but have yet to watch this one, go watch this one, it is simple as that. I will miss this series, and although they probably will not read this, but thank you the creators of Avatar, Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. This is one series that I will miss, and probably still continue watching over and over again.

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