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The Mandalorian Episode 1 Review: Waiting for Boba

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KonoSuba Ep 8 Review- Two Kinds of Wiz

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Kannazuki no Miko Review

Before I begin with my usual stuff, this review was meant to go up a few months ago, as well as this being the last review of this set up. So I hope you enjoy. Continue reading “Kannazuki no Miko Review”

30 Day Manga Challenge Day 17

Day 17: A manga that you feel embarrassed about liking Continue reading “30 Day Manga Challenge Day 17”

Rinne no Lagrange Review

rinne no lagrange logo

Now before I normally begin my starting ramble I will be taking the series as a whole as part of this. This includes the second season and the OVA. The reason for this is due to this being an original series as well as it is a whole story. I will split the plot in half to mention both seasons. Also in English the name is Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne. Anyway over the summer I was watching a lot of shows. I a part of me still wanted to watch a mecha show, since I just finished one as well as a series that had that ever presence of feeling like it is summer. This mecha, action, comedy seems to fit.

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Monster Musume Episode 5 review

musume title 5

Well before I begin this is the start of my weekly reviews where I am going to try out a new grading system. I feel like I should do this mostly because when it comes to where I give a score I feel like it is too personal since I really like these series of manga and anime. More than likely they will go into my top 15 anime once they are completed since they are both tied for 5th favorite manga. So the grade instead of being based on what happens in terms of plot for the episode, and my personal opinion, it will be a bit more of personal opinion and enjoyment factor as well as being a letter grade to not confuse anyone since series reviews will still be graded the same. Besides that I do not have much to say other than the reminder that I am getting rid of the comparison to the manga portion unless there is something that did not happen in the manga in the anime, so far this series has followed it in order in terms of events so there is no real need as of right now to go over it. So without further ado, and me saying that like always spoiler warning, let’s get started. Also I am fairly certain Deven is happy since Mero-sama made her appearance.

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