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something better than Nisekoi since it actually has plot progression

Actually I am Episode 11 Review

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I do not have a clue at this point for my thoughts for this series, sort of. The manga I love and so far the anime has proven that not all chapters for this series work in an anime form. At the same time I also have no idea how many episodes are there. I could have sworn it was 12, but after looking it up it says 13, and even that I do not know how accurate that is. So with two episodes remaining (possibly) I have no idea where exactly it will end or how for that matter, since I am forgetting what happened in the early chapters. Without further ado, like always spoiler warning and let’s get started.

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Actually I am Episode 10 Review

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So, before I get started there might be a small rant about this, mostly comparing the manga to the anime and what not. So, with that heads up you have been warned. I will do my best not to rant too much though. So yeah, not much other than that to say other than spoiler warning.

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Actually I am Episode 9 review

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With now only 3 episodes left it is starting to get harder and harder to determine where exactly they will finish this series. I have a feeling I know where, but what else will they do in that time before that little arc is beyond me. A part of me hopes it will somehow continue on and it just was not known that it would be more than 12 episodes. But oh well, time to get started. As always there may be spoilers since this is a weekly episode review and focuses on the episode itself.

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Actually I am Episode 3 Review

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Well, yay I am still juggling rather well doing two different series to review weekly. I am kind of glad. I think it is because I enjoy both of them so much where Yamada I did not. Anyway there is not much for me to say other than the fact I will probably have to go back to read a small section on the manga in order to remember the exact events, since at least to me it changed sort of. Anyway without further ado let’s get started. As always my weekly reviews do have spoilers so you have been warned.

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Actually I am Episode 1 Review

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Before I begin the typical filler starting point I am going to do this and Monster Musume episode 1 reviews and then decide what to do from there. On another note the plot will be less described and I will talk about comparing it to the manga after the score that I would give.

Well, of the manga that is my favorite it is a close tie for the fifth spot being either Actually I am and Monster Musume. Luck would have it for both series starting to air in the same summer season. Now Actually I am looks like a harem, and from the opening people might think it is as well, but it is not. This series despite having a more female cast it is more comedy than anything, the romance element is more of a side thing. So, with that said let’s get started with the first episode review of Actually I am a, in Japanese known as Jitsu wa Watashi wa.

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