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Top 5 Original and Best Series of 2014

top 5


Alright, so this top five is going to be different. It is going to count down two series simultaneously. Each one will be discussing one series that is based off of source material and one original work. This list is also not continuing shows that second season aired this year, unless of course the first season aired as well this year. This is also not counting shows that started in 2013 fall season, so keep that in mind.


Number Five: Space Dandy and D-Frag


Space Dandy, for starters I have to say is amazing. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but it is the first series that was dubbed before subbed. Both were coming out simultaneously as well. Personally I did not see it, and I wish I did. However, because of the fact that it was being dubbed and subbed simultaneously, then I have to give it some major props for that. If I have seen it, I am fairly certain it would be higher on this list because of that.

D-Frag, is one of my favorite manga. It gets funnier and funnier to say the least the longer it goes. Although it might not have been funnier compared to others that came out this year, it is still on the list with the fact that it was in the winter season, which to me always seems to have few new shows. I think it is more of the reason why I liked the manga that is on this list, but at the same time it is one of the few shows that follow closely to the manga and I mean closely. Sure, they skipped a small arc, but that was later covered in the OVA that came out later this year. With the fact of the comedy and how close it follows the source material, it is on this list because of that.


Number 4: World Conquest Zvezda Plot and The Fruit of Grisaia


World Conquest Zvezda Plot, can be summed up by questioning what is it exactly. The series, at least in some way is connected to Type Moon, and in my last Top Five I mentioned how really anything by Type Moon I find enjoyable. This series fits into that category. Although it tells a complete story, at the same time it is clear that it can still have another season. It is called World Conquest, and sorry for the spoiler, but they only conquered Japan at the end of the show. Clearly it could have more, but from where it is now, it was enjoyable while it lasted as an original series.

The Fruit of Grisaia is a show that, well like some in the fall lineup, I did not have high hopes for it when going into it. It seems like this year there were several shows that really surprised me in how they turned out, this is one of them another is also on this list as well. For starters, I cannot wait for the more episodes in April. Even if they did not get the other Visual Novels adapted, the series has a well thought out story, and character development as time went on. My only problem really was the final arc and how long it took, at the same time that was important. Regardless, this was probably one of the best surprises this year when it came to watching something I thought would be different. Also the novels are getting a port to Steam sometime in the next year.


Number 3: Aldnoah.Zero and Parasyte


Aldnoah.Zero would be higher on this list if not for my major concerns for season two or the second half of however you would put it. The final minute or so in the last episode is the reason why I feel that way. It is from the creator of Psycho Pass, although his work is good, with how Psycho Pass 2 turned out I am a little worried, as in a lot worried for what could happen. With that out of the way, this series was probably the biggest one this year. I only recently got into the mecha genre; Buddy Complex was the one that got me into it. This series was wonderful. Out of the like five mecha series I have seen, this one was different in the sense that the only ones who had different mechas where the bad guys. Yet, that aside this series clearly did something right. It was entertaining; I even had to stop watching several times since I could not deal with just watching a single episode. It would probably be at number one if not for my concerns with best original work for 2014.

Parasyte, I have to say might be a little early which is why it is also high on the list. At the same time compared to other shows this year I know I can go in episode to episode and be entertained and will not want to wait for the following week. Sure there are other series that came out this year that made me feel the same way, but those are mostly shows that are on their second season or remakes. What really surprises me and what I really like is the fact that they are adapting it in full, and it was based off a manga from almost two decades ago, which I have to say is amazing. Unlike Aldnoah.Zero, I do not have worries for this series as of right now. So, I am glad it is at spot number 3.


Number 2: Selector Infected WIXOSS and No Game No Life


Selector Infected WIXOSS is one of the other series as well as No Game No Life that were a lot better than you would think. However, at least I think, Selector did not get as much limelight as it should have. What I liked about it through the two seasons is that it told a complete story. At the same time I originally dropped the show before the massive plot twist that was in I want to say episode eight. It is because of that plot twist and the fact that after that plot twist I really enjoyed this series. Recently home video rights were required, and it may be a series that I may or may not pick up in the future since I enjoyed it. Personally it is not top ten worthy, maybe top twenty at least for me.

No Game No Life, need I say more? Yes, this was a show that I personally thought would be bad, but decided to watch it anyway. It was funny and rather enjoyable. My only real problem with this series was the cliff hanger at the end of the final episode that makes me want a second season, which more than likely there will be. At the same time I am also thinking of getting the novels once they get their English release, although that is unlikely since I am already getting too much as is. Regardless, I doubt I need to say a lot since this was a hugely popular series this year.


Number 1: Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru and Akame ga Kill


Ironically the number one spot is taken by work from the same author. As I said in the Akame ga Kill discussion, it is my favorite manga. Although I was a little disappointed at first with the original ending that thought quickly changed with the blind side in the twenty-third episode. So, sure it is bias to put that at number one, but I mean, this is a discussion and opinion related piece, so it would make sense. Really any reason why I would put this at number one could be found in my Akame ga Kill discussion, but I pretty much summed it up with what I mentioned the twenty-third episode.

Now, for the original piece, it fits into the same category. Although I did not really know that it was by the creator of Akame ga Kill, this did not stop the fact that I really enjoyed it. In fact I only learned this information later when the series was on the final episode. Much like getting into the Mecha genre this year the Magical Girl genre became a thing as well. This one was my favorite that I have seen the characters, the development of the characters and story. It was defiantly one of if not the best original work this year, even though like most shows had their flaws.



Well, notable mentions I would have to put a lot of shows that had their second season and a lot of show in general. But mentioning ones that did not turn out as well as I would have liked would be Psycho Pass 2, Bryhildr in the Darkness, and Trinity Seven. Although Trinity Seven is the better of the three, and the manga of Bryhildr is a lot better, but might be worth checking out. This is more disappointment in knowing that they could both turn out better.

The Best of 2014 Part 1

part 1

In this part I will be discussing news, anime, and manga sort of information that happened throughout the year. However in this part it will only be what happened through January all the way to the end of June. So my main focus will be on the winter and spring anime seasons.

The Winter Season

The winter season I have viewed a little weird. I only really started watching a lot of anime the spring of the previous year on a season basis, although I watched very few shows that previous winter season, so this was really the first. I find it odd mostly because you are dealing with the shows that began to air in the fall as they enter their second half before reaching their climax. There is nothing wrong with that.

The shows that really stuck out to me during that time that finished were Kill la Kill, Golden Time, Strike the Blood, Tokyo Ravens, and Samurai Flamenco. Kill la Kill stayed solid all the way through. Golden Time was always a bit rocky, when it came to the relationship; I do not mean to make it sound like the show was bad, far from it. Strike the Blood and Tokyo Ravens, although a little generic, still managed to be the shows that I would look forward to on a weekly basis.  Then there was Samurai Flamenco, I can get the fact that it was a parody of the superhero genre, but how it started did not make it feel that way. To me it just continued to go down a slope and was not stopping to make it worse and worse. I had hopes that it would get better, but to me it did not. It made its way to one of the shows I regret watching. At the same time it was the starting episodes that are really enjoyable, and wish the show just stopped after the second arc.

The Fall seasons leftovers continued on until they finished. At the same time new life was brought in the Winter line-up. Some brought out new energy, while others seemed to be as dull as the winter sky. With that first day of January it brought the announcement of Sword Art Online 2.

One of my favorite comedies second season began, Seitokai Yakuindomo, which brought the laughs on a weekly basis just as much as the newbies like D-Frag and Robot Girls Z. Others on the other hand, even with the comedy still brought forth a decent amount of action like Witchcraft Works and World Conquest Zvezda Plot.

There were far and few that were good that I wish I continued like Nisekoi and Noragami, but unfortunately I forgot about them, despite their decent stories. Then there were some in general that revolutionized how anime runs, having a dub before the sub like Space Dandy, was a mistake in missing.

Then there was one, Buddy Complex, the first mecha series I watched. Although I saw Code Geass, this was the one that got me into the mecha genre as a whole. Without that I never would have seen shows later that year like Captain Earth or the amazing Adnoah Zero.

There was also a plentiful amount of news as well, that made fans just giddy with excitement, the announcement for the Fate Stay Night remake as well as Akame ga Kill anime as well as many others as time passed on.

There were plenty more shows out there, some I saw, and some I forgot despite wanting to see. Some are forgettable, but there others that you wish you never forgot.

The Spring Season

The Spring season soon came with a complete batch of new shows and some old favorites, at least for myself, Date A Live 2 as well as Fairy Tail. Then some gave me a new favorite in terms of manga, Byrhilder in the Darkness, which the only flaw in the anime is that they try to shove a hundred chapters, thirty seven of which in the final two episodes, in the span of just thirteen episodes.

The Irregular at Magic High School came with a dull beginning, despite its original hype, and was easily dropped despite it being interesting. The same came for Black Bullet which also seemed a bit unsatisfying come the finally. The World is Still Beautiful and One Week Friends filled the void that Golden Time left me. The shocking Selector Infected WIXOSS, came and soon ended the first season. I might not have finished the show until well after it finished, but it is up there competing for one of the best originals this year. But who would have thought that Kanjo ga Flag o Oraretara’s main enemy would be a boat, sorry for that spoiler.

There was the resurrection of fans from Soul Eater getting the spin-off of Soul Eater Not! There were a few here and there that were surprisingly good, despite what one would first entail, No Game No Life and Chaika The Coffin Princess, both setting new spins on the fantasy genre in different ways. There is also the fact that the two can be some of the most unforgettable this year as well.

Despite the lovers of Bakemonogatari getting the news that the five new episodes getting moved several months there was still the majorly popular Mekakucity Actors. With the same director, more talking, and actually more action then one would expect, it was a highlight of this year when it came to shows about talking.

There was plenty more from the return of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, The File of Young Kindaichi Returns, and Mushi-shi. The spring defiantly left its mark when it came to returning old classics with new life. It was an excellent start to continue the year.

This Article will continue in Part Two on December 27.

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